It’s common to find cider in a pale yellow or light orange hue. But what about a red cider? Have you tried that yet?

Cidermakers are continuing to push boundaries with new and exciting offerings, and using red-fleshed apples certainly fits the bill. Red-fleshed apples tend to look the same on the outside, but their interior is entirely different. When you cut one open, you’ll find a lush pink or light red hue. And that stunning color is carried over into the finished cider, making them entirely eye-catching. Ready to get your hands on this pretty pink drink? These are some of the best red-fleshed ciders made by Pacific Northwest producers to try for Valentine’s Day, or any warm spring or summer day when you need a bright, fruity sip. 

Alpenfire 2019 Glow Airlie Red Rosé 

There’s no doubt this single varietal cider made from Airlie Red Flesh apples is glowing. Each sip offers bright, fruity flavor with strawberries and cranberries coming through. It has great acidity, with a bit of residual sugar, creating beautiful balance and a long finish.
$23 | 750ml | 8.2% ABV

Union Hill Cider Co. Pinkheart

This cider will certainly steal your heart. Its gorgeous label and pretty pink hue will capture your attention right off the bat. Union Hill utilized red-fleshed apples, Cripps Pink and Dabinett to create a delicious blend. The result? Notes of bright raspberry and a hint of grapefruit for a tart finish.
$9 | 500ml | 8.3% ABV

Dragon’s Head 2020 Rosé

This bottle of rosé cider is sure to please with every sip. The cider gets its natural pink hue from the red interior of the apples used, including red-fleshed Redfield apples grown in the Dragon’s Head orchard. It’s bright and fruity with balanced acidity for a beautiful sip.
$19 | 750ml | 9.3% ABV 

Nashi Orchards Airlies Redflesh Cider

Nashi is making cider on Washington’s Vashon Island out of Airlie Red Flesh apples grown in Oregon. This single-varietal cider harnesses the beauty of the Airlie’s yellow skin and pretty pink interior to produce a dry cider with notes of red berries and bright acidity.
$75 | 3 750ml bottles | 7.6% ABV

Snowdrift Cider Co. Red

The punchy red hue of this cider will catch your attention right off the bat. Made with red-fleshed apples, it’s beautifully bright with great acidity and super juicy. With each sip, you’ll be met with notes of watermelon, strawberries, cranberries and rhubarb.
$15 | 500ml | 7.5% ABV

Double Mountain Brewery and Cidery Rosé

Double Mountain is making a beautiful rosé cider in Hood River using Mountain Rose and Pink Pearl apples. The pink flesh of the apples brings a gorgeous color to the table, along with fruity sorbet notes with every sip. It’s bright and balanced and just screaming to be poured into a glass on a sunny day.
$9 | 500ml | 5.9% ABV

Yonder Cider Wenatchee Wave

Wave hello to this bright red cider from Yonder. Made with red-fleshed apples, it features vibrant notes of red fruit with a hint of watermelon, rhubarb and raspberry. It’s available on draft at the cidery’s Ballard taproom to sit, sip and enjoy.
$9 | draft | 7.9% ABV