At the Lakedale Resort located in Friday Harbor on scenic San Juan Island, expert chefs, brewers, writers, farmers and more are coming together in preparation for three exciting weekends of a delectably thought provoking look into the things we eat and the culture from which they come, in a series called: Culinary Conversations. Mark your calendars and pack your bags for three days and two nights of eating, drinking, talking and writing with some of the Northwest’s leading culinary experts.

Each installment of Culinary Conversations showcases a different culinary team comprised of an expert food writer, renowned local chef, beverage specialist and farmer or culinary artisan, covering a unique theme inspired and developed by the team leader. Sheri Wetherell, co-founder and CEO of, launches this series with, “Defining Sustainability: The Business of Farm to Table,” on Sept. 8-10. Wetherell says, “It’s not everyday that we food lovers have the chance to get together in one place over a long weekend to break bread and talk about the things that whet our appetites.” Wetherell is joined by chef Robin Leventhal of Seattle’s Crave, Washington Beer Blog author Kendall Jones, and Kurtwood Farms cheese maker and author of Growing a Farmer, Kurt Timmermeiester.

Following this first week of culinary excellence comes the second installation of Culinary Conversations on Sept. 15-17, with “Food and Drink: A Question of Context.” Join author Cynthia Nims, as she leads the audience through a discussion surrounding our interactions and experiences with the history, culture, production, geography and economics associated with food and beverages. Collaborating with chef Greg Atkinson of the Bainbridge Island restaurant Marché, Seattle’s 2Bar Spirits owner and distiller Nathan Kaiser, and George and Eiko Vojkovich of Skagit River Ranch. Enthusiastic about this unique retreat, Nims says, “The fact that each of these sessions includes people representing different facets of the culinary world – chef, farmer, beverage specialist, writer – sets up an experience sure to be multifaceted and dynamic.”

Journalist, cookbook author and chef, Kim O’Donnel, hosts the third and final installment of Culinary Conversations on Sept. 22-24 with the “Eat Write Weekend.” A celebration of the food writing renaissance, this final weekend also features chef Diane LaVone of Diane’s Market Kitchen, Finnriver Farm and Cidery owner Crystie Kyler, and Lumini Island’s Nettle’s Farm owner Riley Starks.

Come discuss, explore and enjoy the culinary experience you will have as you engage with people passionate about food and beverage, at any one of these fun, educational, and interactive installations. Each Culinary Conversation weekend ticket includes meals, activities and your two night stay in the Lodge Room or Canvas Cabin. For itineraries, ticket prices and more, visit the Lakedale Resort.

Sunday, Sept. 8 – Tuesday, Sept. 10, Sunday, Sept. 15 – Tuesday, Sept. 17, and Sunday, Sept. 22 – Tuesday, Sept. 24 ll 4313 Roche Harbor Rd, Friday Harbor ll Tickets: $450