It seems the craft alcohol industry knows no bounds. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Or more like if there’s a beverage, then there’s a way to turn said beverage into an alcoholic concoction.

One of the most recent craft crazes is hard seltzer. The new industry is bubbling up, literally, and turning out tasty libations low in calories and high on flavor. There couldn’t be at a better time either, considering the rate at which La Croix and other soda-seltzer brands are being bought and consumed.

Whether served straight from the can or in a mixed drink, hard seltzer is in right now. Following national brands like White Claw, two Seattle brands launched this summer, bringing Northwest craft beverage some bubbly, boozy water options.  

San Juan Seltzer
Produced and distributed by Schooner Brewing in SoDo, San Juan Seltzer is entered the market this spring courtesy of founder Katy Enger. After a visit to her family home in Roche Harbor on San Juan Island, she had the idea to create a hard seltzer. She was looking for a low carb and low-calorie alternative to beer, and hard seltzer seemed like the logical option. In addition to the popular Huckleberry flavor, San Juan Seltzers offers Fuji Apple, Raspberry-Cran and Pure flavors as well. As a bonus, each seltzer contains only 85 calories and zero sugars.

Sound Craft Seltzer Co.
Opening in August, Sound Craft Seltzer Co. is a newest to the craft seltzer scene. Following the expectations of the new beverage, the seltzers are low in carbs, sugars and calories — containing 105 calories, two grams of sugar and two grams of carbs. The grapefruit, like its rosé and cucumber flavor partners, has a 5 percent ABV and is light and refreshing in every sip. The addition of grapefruit rind turns the seltzer a light orange color and the beverage exhibits a noticeable citrus aroma.

Sound Craft creates an alcohol base by fermenting organic cane sugar and filtered water. The team takes pride in directly fermenting whole and unprocessed ingredients to impart real flavors into each batch of seltzer. The finished product is carbonated to effervescent.