Jenny Ulum, King Estate

If you work in the industry, as we do at King Estate, you know that Northwest producers are creative, innovative and dedicated to the highest quality standards — and now we have a magazine devoted to covering what makes the Northwest special. To win a medal in the Best of the Northwest competition is a big deal, because unlike some competitions where “everyone wins,” Sip picks only one winner per category. There is an energy and vibrancy that runs throughout the editorial content of this women-owned magazine which resonates with readers and advertisers alike. King Estate truly loves being part of it.

Christine Bauman, Bauman’s Cider

Generally when I enter competitions with my ciders, I am looking for feedback on the technical merits of my cider. And while this is very important in the process of honing our craft and becoming better makers, it doesn’t have a direct effect on marketability or adapting to the changing needs of the market. I feel like Sip Magazine’s Best of the NW has a huge value to me in that it factors in consumer tastes and trends while parsing out the best makers. 

As a consumer myself, I literally log in to winery websites and order the top beverages in my favorite categories as I am looking at the results. I have found some of my favorite new wines and ciders this way. [Sip] takes the guesswork out of who I ought to try next!

Marshall Petryni, Greenwood Cider

As a small producer of distinct, handcrafted hard ciders with little to no marketing budget, the exposure we get from the Best of the Northwest competition is a boon for our business and for the industry as a whole. We love the annual competition because we know it is fair, honest and highlights the best products and producers our region has to offer. Plus, it is presented in a thoughtful and visually appealing package, in both digital and print form, that anyone can enjoy!

Troy Anderson, Old Schoolhouse Brewery

Old Schoolhouse is choosy about which competitions we enter. However, we look forward to the Sip Best of the Northwest competition every year. The quality of the judging and submissions, combined with the ability to more deeply connect with the insightful Sip Magazine readers makes it a top-notch beer competition. 

Sam Agnew, Pursuit Distilling

The Northwest is home. It is the lifeblood of the Pursuit brand, so to be recognized as a Northwest industry leader means the dedication we put forth into each of our products is paying off. Winning best in our category at Sip Magazine continues to elevate our brand in a positive way and we are beyond grateful.