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Tableside Showmanship at Snoqualmie Casino’s Vista

by | Jan 6, 2017

Think the art of tableside service has been lost to the ages? Think again. If anything could make you look away from the sweeping panoramic views at Snoqualmie Casino‘s newly reimagined Vista, it would be the stunning tableside showmanship taking place right beside you.

Snoqualmie (pronounced snow-QUALM-ee) sits near the apex of Washington’s Cascade Mountain range, and Vista (formerly Terra Vista) crowns the casino’s dining scene. As Seattle’s closest casino, Snoqualmie draws a more city-dwelling crowd than some, yet the location’s “Above it All” motif reflects a refreshing distance from the city as well. Those who aren’t attracted by the city life or glitzy casinos may just prefer to play online and why not see what bonuses you can make use of too by checking out sites like this (Casino-bonus.me.uk) to get an extra profit from your money?

Ultimately, there is no denying that online gambling has soared in popularity in recent years. Thanks to online casino websites such as Livemobile88, more people than ever before have been able to secure significant prizes while playing fun games such as slots from the comfort of their own home. When it comes to convenience, online casinos are often the more popular choice since they allow players to gamble at any time they want. As a result, pay by mobile casino websites have really flourished in recent years. Though playing in real casinos is quite enjoyable, you cannot always go out, which is why online casinos are generally seen as more comfortable. However, that being said, land-based casinos are not going anywhere just yet. Real casinos allow players the chance to socialize and meet new people at a table. Moreover, they introduce a human element in all the games since there are real players and real dealers. This cannot always be matched by online casinos.

Consequently, Vista maintains a refreshing distance from the standard stuffy service stereotypical of upscale casino eateries. Recent key hires over the course of the restaurant’s revamp (completed in November) are epitomized by that of renowned maître d’ Kwan Won, whose personal service philosophy consists of, as he puts it, “making the best better.” His 40-combined years at other top restaurants in the industry, most recently including the four-diamond Scottsdale Resort in Arizona, lend themselves easily to interpersonal interaction and impeccable attention to detail. Don’t be surprised if you see him start lighting appetizers and cocktails aflame beside any given table over the course of a night, either. Besides, who would not want to eat delicious food and sip on a tasty cocktail while they enjoy playing their favorite casino games? Whether you have only ever played Poker Online before, or if you are a seasoned casino professional, this fantastic casino is not to be missed and is positioning itself as the place to be for fine food and fantastic fun.

Outside of the service, Northwest-inspired steaks and seafood are the name of the game at Vista. Pay special attention to the Grills portion of the menu: all cuts of beef are provided by Snake River Farms, an Idaho-based operation known far and wide as one of the top American producers of Wagyu (Kobe-style) beef in the world. The Double R Ranch signature filet mignon is absolutely worth the splurge – pair it with the truffle potato purée and your choice of sauces (six options range from béarnaise to blackberry demi) for a truly mouthwatering evening. That said, you can’t go wrong with anything in this section, but do yourself a favor and refrain from ordering your meat any more well-done than medium.

The wine list traces the West Coast to find the majority of both its reds and whites, though for variety they’re interspersed with a few inclusions from Italy, New Zealand and Argentina. Send Won for a luscious bottle of Chateau Ste. Michelle Indian Wells Merlot to complement your beautifully marbled main course. Of course, you’ll also find after-dinner wines on the list (Taylor Fladgate tawny ports in 10-, 20- and 30-year iterations are favorites), a fair share of cocktails (like the locally-inspired Mt. Si Car of Hennessy, lemon, maraschino and amaretto foam) and the usual smattering of local brews, too.

Bookend your meal with a seafood small-plate starter – specifically, crab cakes with garlic carrots, watercress salad and tangelo-ginger aioli – and the sumptuous bananas foster for two, flambéed tableside and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, for dessert. And while it may be richer than most can handle after such a sensational dinner, it’s more than worth ordering the boozy after-dinner Café Diablo ($16 for two) for no other reason than to watch open-mouthed as you see how flambé truly ought to be done.


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