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Sip Magazine is back in print

by | Feb 3, 2023

Here’s What You’ll Find in our Upcoming Annual Issue

Eager to sit down and read all about your favorite beverages, talented producers and beautiful libation destinations throughout the Northwest? Sip Magazine is back in print – and ready to be delivered to your home this February!

After a short hiatus, Sip will be resuming the publication of its print magazine with the Annual Collector’s Edition, set to be released in late February 2023. Subscribing now will ensure it arrives at your door upon release, in addition to the upcoming spring and summer print issues. Single copies of the Annual Collector’s Edition are available for pre-order as well.

What’s in the Annual Collector’s Edition?

The 2023 Annual Collector’s Edition features the medalists of Sip’s 11th Best of the Northwest annual competition. Intended to be an informative year-round resource, this print issue is an essential guide to the top wine, beer, spirits, cider and seltzer producers in the region.

Moreover, you will find seasonal recipes for baking with booze from cupcakes to fruit crumbles. Plan future tasting trips as you discover lesser-known beer districts of the Northwest, along with sparkling houses producing the best bubbly. Learn all about Cabernet Franc and the winemakers using this varietal. Create luxurious cocktail recipes to sip for every season, and stumble across clever beverage-focused products and a curated list of books to enhance your beverage knowledge. 

How Do I Subscribe?

To subscribe, head to our subscriptions page and add an annual subscription to your cart. This subscription includes the Annual Collector’s Edition, spring edition and summer edition, along with access to our digital Best of the Northwest editions released late 2023.

If you’d prefer to skip the annual subscription, single copies of the Annual Collector’s Edition are available for pre-sale now.


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