Redhook Brewery Releases Tropical Big Ballard IPA, Expanding The Ballard Brand Family

by | Nov 1, 2022

Seattle’s very first microbrewery, Redhook, to share the brewery’s latest release: Tropical Big Ballard Juicy IPA. This beer is a big, juicy, tropical IPA with a softer touch. Tropical hop notes combine with delicious orange, pineapple, starfruit & coconut flavors to create a juicy IPA that suggests a tropical state of mind, even if you are just on your living room couch.

This new beer marks a milestone for Redhook as it expands the brewery’s first brand family under the iconic Big Ballard name. The name pays homage to Redhook’s original stomping grounds, the Ballard District of Seattle where in 1981, Redhook Brewery was born in a converted transmission shop.

The Ballard brand family now boasts three stand-out beers:

Big Ballard Imperial IPA: The Redhook classic and fan favorite featuring a bold, assertive flavor, light amber hue, and crisp finish with a lingering hop character.

Hazy Big Ballard: The bold and juicy beer we like to call a “PNW-Style Hazy”, with citrus flavors.

Tropical Big Ballard: The most recent IPA with a softer touch that suggests a tropical state of mind.

The expansion of the Ballard brand family sets precedent for Redhook and allows beer drinkers to taste the evolution of a 40-year-old brand that continues to innovate.

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