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Central Oregon’s Next Great Hotel? Holistic Hospitality in Redmond

by | Nov 1, 2022

A great hotel opened recently in Redmond, rather quietly, as things tend to do in the small central Oregon town.

Fittingly, the new spot took over the original Hotel Redmond, a century-old gem of a building in the heart of downtown. The new hotel is called SCP Redmond and it may have cracked the code in terms of accommodations that match its setting, not to mention setting guests up with a tremendous food and drinks program. The program is unapologetically plant-forward and it’s not only delicious, but plays into SCP’s overarching environmental consciousness. 

(Left) The Wayfarer Club (Right) The Terra Kitchen

There are several food options within the hotel. The Wayfarer Club is the house bar, a well-appointed side space that very much looks at home in this 100-year-plus old edifice. On weekends it’s open until midnight and it’s a lovely spot to grab a stool and a nightcap and gaze out the large street-facing window. The Terra Kitchen is the neighboring restaurant, informed by coastal Mediterranean cuisine and sourcing local ingredients. Back in the lobby, there’s Provisions Market, a great spot to grab a hearty breakfast (get the avocado toast) or smoothie, caffeinate, and snag some snacks and a field guide for the road.

Rooftop Restaurant

Guests are missing out if they do not trek up to the Rooftop Restaurant for a meal and, ideally, a sunset. While only several floors up, you feel like you’re in a towering osprey’s nest, with views of countless nearby peaks and landmarks. The space is very welcoming and feels alive, with plants for company and a garden where many of the ingredients are pulled from.

With a plant-forward, zero waste ethos, the Rooftop is not your central Oregon steakhouse. It is, however, a creative vegetarian outfit with a great cocktail, beer, and wine program to back it all up. The mezze platter is a great gateway appetizer, fit with pickled carrots, artichoke hearts, house-made hummus and more. Try the jackfruit tacos if you’re feeling like something as bright and sunny as central Oregon, hit with a nice stone fruit citrus marinade. Other dishes to look out for include the yakisoba noodle bowl and beluga lentil and date salad. There’s usually a flatbread option, and the house burger — built around a mouth-watering mushroom quinoa patty — is deeply satisfying.

Onto the liquid. The cocktail menu is somewhat personalized, allowing guests to doctor up their drink to their liking. For example, you can select a classic base cocktail like a Margarita or Moscow Mule and add your own flavors (from a list that includes the likes of peach, cucumber, blueberry and more). The house cocktails are worth exploring and include some barrel-aged treats like an Old Pal (bourbon, rye, Campari, dry vermouth). There are a few good local beers to choose from and the wine list, while not enormous, is just right. Reliable Willamette Valley names like Division, J. Cristopher and R. Stuart join local outfits like Maragas Winery on the glass pour list.

Guest Rooms

The rooms are flooded with natural light and accented by various outdoorsy prints and accouterments. The original hardwood floors are impressive and the airy feel is refreshing, all without sacrificing the original spirit of the building. There are no televisions, clocks or radios, which seems shocking in 2022 but it’s really only noticeable if that’s what you came for in the first place. Set in one of the prettiest locales in the Pacific Northwest, the SCP Redmond is almost more of a modern-day chalet. While you can easily spend all day in the building, relaxing in your room or reading before the lobby fireplace, you’re also gently nudged outside to explore the many wonders of the Oregon high desert. And when you do get back, a great sunset-escorted meal and inviting room await.

SCP Hotel
521 SW 6th St Ste 100, Redmond, OR 97756

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