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Meriwether Cider Wants Your Backyard Apples

by | Aug 8, 2018

[from original press release]

Meriwether Cider Co. located in Garden City, Idaho, is making a cider entirely out of neighborhood apples, and is looking for help! Starting August 1st everyone is encouraged to bring any spare backyard apples (worm holes and hail damage are fine, but please, no apples picked up from the ground as they have bacteria that makes cider go bad) into the Meriwether Cider taproom located at 5242 Chinden Blvd.

Once enough apples have been collected Meriwether will announce a “crushing and pressing” party where adults and kids alike are invited to crush and press all the apples. About a month after that Meriwether will invite everyone back to enjoy the “fruits” of their labor when the hard cider is fermented and ready to be enjoyed!

It’s apple season, why not celebrate it, and get the community involved? “We have done the neighborhood crush for two years, and it has been great, we had so much participation, the kids loved pressing the apples and drinking the fresh juice, and the cider we made from those apples was some of the best we’ve ever made! We’re hoping this year the whole thing will be even bigger and better!” says Molly Leadbetter one of the owners of Meriwether Cider.

Meriwether Cider is the only cidery in Idaho to do a community crush cider. Their goal is to bring people from the community together to create a handmade craft cider from the apples in our own backyards and to make sure some of the amazing apples that grow in Idaho don’t go to waste!

All proceeds from the sale of the Crush Cider will go directly to The Treasure Valley Food Coalition a local non-profit who work with local farmers and legislation to promote agriculture and to preserve open spaces.

Visit the Meriwether Cider’s Facebook page or the website for more details.



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