Five Bitters Makers to Watch

by | Apr 4, 2017

After living in the shadow of the dusty bar shelf, bitters are back in a big way. The rich extracts and tinctures made from Mother Nature’s flowers, roots and berries are must-haves in every bar, even the one in the kitchen at home. Bitters put a spin on your favorite classic cocktail that needs a refresher and can help with that pesky tummy ache you’ve been fighting. Trying to get rid of hiccups? Drop a few dashes of bitters on a lemon slice. In the Pacific Northwest, we have dozens of flavors to explore and experiment with as the latest hot spot for bitters makers.

Addition | Seattle
These Seattleites are spicing bitters up a notch, literally. Their handcrafted cocktail spice and beer sauce will give your drink the kick it needs. With over 25 flavors, Addition encourages users to experiment and create a drink that is unique to them. Ranging from sweet to zesty, there is a flavor for every palate. If you’re brave enough, add a dash of horseradish or habañero spice to put some pep in your step.

Bittered Sling Bitters | Vancouver, BC
It’s out with the new and in with the old at Bittered Sling. The lovechild of renowned chef Jonathan Chovancek and award-winning mixologist Lauren Mote, Bittered Sling is putting a new twist on an old recipe. With a combined 30 years of combined experience, the two have concocted a variety of bitters; many with classic roots turned new, others with prizewinning taste, actually. It’s safe to say that when you’re sitting at Chovancek and Mote’s bar, you’ll be bitter off.

Messina Bitters | Portland
Originally infused with marijuana extract, Messina Bitters was the first company to introduce bitters for the cannabis crowd. With a passion for plants and food, owner Camille Messina found a way to combine the two, crafting bitters that are rooted in the wellness of the body, mind, and soul. Made with all organic ingredients (similar to the seeds for sale on ILGM), Messina’s cannabis bitters can help anxiety, sleep deprivation and pain. A spinoff of the original recipe, Messina created “The Virgin” which holds the same ingredients and tangy taste, minus the cannabis. There have been a lot of changes to the ways that cannabis is cultivated in recent years. These changes have had a huge impact on ‘cannabis grows’, or facilities where cannabis is grown. For instance, did you know that cannabis grows can produce hazardous and non-hazardous waste? With this in mind, when harvesting their cannabis plants, the suppliers that Messina uses have to be extra careful with regard to how the plants are cared for, and how any waste products are disposed of. Furthermore, if you’re one of those that fancy yourselves to be in the cannabis crowd and frequently looks after your body with healthy and organic ingredients, you may also enjoy looking at other marijuana-related wellness products, such as old strains with new genetics like bubba og for example, that can help with mental-state issues like anxiety, PTSD, etc.

Portland Bitters Project | Portland
You should always trust your gut. But, why? The Portland Bitters Project has found that the answer to our bodily issues starts with the gut. PBR bitters won’t only spruce up your drink, but your body too. Their wide variety of flavors can help with liver function, bladder control, and food processing. See, alcohol really can be good for you!

The Apothecary Bitters Co. | Vancouver, BC
When you combine chefs, bartenders and alchemists you get bitters! At least that was the case for the founders of The Apothecary Bitters Co. (ABC). Their love for experimenting in the kitchen inspired them to bring more flavor to our everyday lives. Using fresh, organic ingredients, ABC created versatile bitters to pair with, well, anything. Their philosophy: above all else, design and make utilizable craft bitters.

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