Other than the turkey, Thanksgiving is all about the little, red, tart fruit we love to put in everything around the holidays: the cranberry. These small berries are bursting with flavor and color, making them the addition to alcohol. Crans can work in beer, wine, spirits and cider, so we’ve found seven of these drinks that make the best use of this wonderful fruit.

Reuben’s Brews Holiday Gose

This slightly sour beer has a low ABV and a bitterness that is next to nothing. It derives its complexity from the fermentation process wherea lactobacillus culture is added. The massive cranberry body is backed by orange zest and a light holiday spice.

Portland Cider Co. Cranberry

Like everything out of Portland Cider, this cider is nothing short of top shelf. It’s designed to pair perfectly with Thanksgiving turkey with its tart profile. This is a rich cider that contains several dessert apple varieties. Try it in a cocktail version with this recipe.

Clear Creek Distillery Cranberry Liqueur

Clear Creek makes use of one of Southern Oregon’s most abundant crops with this delightful creation. Just like the fruit itself, this liqueur is tart and not overly sweet. It’s perfect on its own, but it truly shines as an addition to a lighter beverage like a vodka soda. It’ll add beautiful color and a complex tang that only the cranberry can provide.

Pasek Cellars Cranberry Wine

This wine is made from Washington State cranberries and is available year-round, although it really shines during the holidays. Grab this sharply flavored treat for the introductory or seasoned wine drinkers at your holiday party and wow them with this departure from the status quo.

Public Coast Brewing Co. Old Bog Farm Cranberry Kettle Sour

This beer, now exclusively on tap at Public Coast Brewing set on Oregon’s Coast, utilizes cranberries picked by the brewing team at a nearby bog. This mixed-fermented sour has an ABV of 7.2% as is sure to bring the holiday spirit along with some boozy heat.

Bandon Rain Cranberry Apple Squall

Bandon Rain’s specialty is fruit ciders, and two cranberry variations can be found in its year-round options. This cider is an unfiltered, semisweet cider that has a deepness from the five varieties of fruit used in it. This cider is less acidic than some of the other cranberry products on this list, making it an easy drinker.

Aslan Brewing Co. The Cranberries IPA

One of the most successful breweries out of Bellingham, Washington, Aslan also just opened its Seattle storefront. The brewery knocks it out of the park with this cranned-up IPA, now available on draft just in time for the holidays. It’s a wheat IPA with cold-pressed cranberries added for an extra layer of flavor.