Apple Outlaw owners Blair Smith and Marcey Kelly traded traffic for tractors when they moved from the sunny state of California up to Oregon, finding them an orchard in the Applegate Valley. Knowing little about tending to an orchard at first, the couple now oversees more than a thousand apple trees and is making a line of “outlaw” ciders, or hard cider.

A whiff of Apple Outlaw Blackberry Bounty immediately takes me personally to picking blackberries during the first couple weeks of August with my family, minus poking oneself on hidden thorns and staining finger tips with the sticky fruit juice. This bright burgundy red cider has an upfront flavor of savory, earthy spices that roam between the just-ripe blackberry sweetness and the moderate effervescence of tiny bubbles, and has a tart citrus and apple finish. The Blackberry Bounty was just added to the Outlaw lineup this year, and its crisp, dark and rich taste should guarantee it a spot on cider’s most wanted list, but for now, you can pick up a bottle in many Medford retail locations.

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