Hard seltzers are taking the beverage scene by storm, with a wide variety of flavors at various price points. While each one has its own set of qualities, there’s one new option made in the Pacific Northwest that’s also giving back with every sip: 4Good Hard Seltzer.

Winemaker Andrew Januik has officially delved into the world of seltzer. And with his background making wine for Novelty Hill-Januik Winery, along with his own label, Andrew Januik Wines, it was a natural fit. “This is a project I feel so passionately about, and I am thankful to finally share it with my winery community,” said Januik. “Not only is this seltzer absolutely delicious, but we made 4Good with a purpose to impact our planet and feed our communities.”

According to Januik, the inspiration came from a bout of pandemic boredom. His longtime friend, and now business partner, called him out of the blue to suggest the two start a business. “I was skeptical. Why in the world would I make a hard seltzer? I make wine,” said Januik. But the two kept talking about the concept and eventually the first batch was born.

“We knew it had to be different,” said Januik. “Through my partner’s background in industrial recycling, and a focus on food waste, we determined that there is a lot of really good produce going to landfills, and we should probably do something about that.”

Januik set out to produce a seltzer made with real juice utilizing rejected fruit that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Thanks to a collaboration with Imperfect Produce, he is able to source and upcycle misfit fruit that still tastes great but doesn’t look appealing to the consumer. But when it’s just going to be juiced anyway, appearance doesn’t matter.

To take it one step further, a partnership with No Kid Hungry was established so 4Good could make even more of an impact with every seltzer purchase. “4Good simply doesn’t exist without the mission. We wouldn’t be interested in just producing another hard seltzer,” said Januik. “We felt that we could really help do something impactful for the most vulnerable members of our community — children facing food insecurity — by donating nutritious meals on a consistent basis.”

Now, 4Good is offered in four flavors including Strawberry Mango, Ginger Lime, Lemon Blueberry and Passion Orange Guava, and each seltzer is made with nothing artificial and no added sugar. It’s handcrafted seltzer made in the PNW, allowing you to feel good about drinking for a cause. “We’re just trying to offer people the opportunity to enjoy a delicious product, take a break from their busy days, while also helping those less fortunate in the community,” said Januik.