Shaking up Amaro Cocktails for the Holidays!

by | Dec 16, 2021

Cocktail class is in SESSION! Holly Robinson, co-founder of award-winning Amaro producer, Fast Penny Spirits and Sip Magazine publisher Kristin Bacon give you a brief history of Amaro and whip up three simple but elegant Amaro-based cocktails perfect for the holiday season.  Get out your fancy cocktail glasses, stock up on these ingredients and shake up your holiday parties with these tasty Amaro based cocktails.

*Note if you’re looking just for the cocktail tutorial skip to the 19 min mark.

Amaro (Preferably Amaricano!)
Dry Sparkling Wine (or prosecco)
Rye Whiskey
Sparkling Water
1 Orange (for garnish)
1 Lemon (or lemon juice)
Simple Syrup (equal parts water and sugar)
Fresh Mint
Angostura Bitters

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