The holidays are great but what’s not as great is the annual sweat you work up as you try and find the best gifts for family and friends. You’re on your own for those in your life who don’t value a good drink but for those who do we have some suggestions for you.

Courtesy of Vinebox

Twelve Nights of Wine | $129
Who doesn’t love a good glass of wine in the evening during the holidays? Cozying up with blankets watching your favorite holiday movies with a cup of vino might be the best part of the season. In this avant garde advent calendar, Vinebox offers a selection of 12 different glasses of wine for the wine aficionado in your life. The curated box includes specially selected red and white wines from the Old and New Worlds.

Courtesy of Vinepair

Dipped Copper Rocks Glass | $47
Indulge in your next Old Fashioned or local bourbon poured neat using one of these classed-up rocks glass. These hand-dipped copper glasses from the Vinepair store are perfect for the next time you’re entertaining and will have everyone asking where you got them.

Courtesy of Cork Pops

VinOstream Wine Aerator and Dispenser | $28
From the wine-gear-savvy folks at Cork Pops, wine lovers will be giddy over this cool gadget that not only aerates your wine but also dispenses it all at the same time. It has a small rubber stopper with a dispenser that draws up the wine and exposes it to air for an enhanced tasting experience.

Courtesy of Tastemaker

Cocktail Shaker Infuser Set | $30
This shaker-infuser-set-in-one is perfect for the person always taking over cocktail duties at home. Give your spirits a nice little kick with the 10 recipe cards and four ice ball molds that come with this set and impress all your guests the next time you have a cocktail party. The infuser is dishwasher-safe and takes as little as 15 minutes to get the job done.  

Courtesy of The Spice Lab

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses | $27
Forget about coating your hand in salt for tequila shots. Use these salt shot glasses made with salt from deposits in the Himalayas from the experts at The Spice Lab. All you have to do is pour a shot and follow it with a bit of lime. These shot glasses not only taste good but they look good too with hues of rose quartz thanks to the pink salt.

Courtesy of Tavour

12 Days of Beermas | $150
For beer lovers, try Tavour’s take on the 12 days of Christmas featuring craft beer. The folks at this Seattle-area company try countless beers from all over the country to make sure you’re getting only the best. If you’re not so keen on the Christmas special they’re offering you can also gift them “Beer Money” allowing them to use the company’s app and select the hard to find beers they want. They also offer themed boxes for those who want just sour beers, IPAs, dark beer or a variety.

Courtesy of Good Boy Dog Beer

4-Pack of Session…Squirrel | $18
This new year you don’t have to enjoy your pint alone, grab a pack of these dog-friendly brews for the next time you head to your favorite brewery. Houston couple Megan and Steve Long of Good Boy Dog Beer created a nonalcoholic drink for their dog that wasn’t just tasty but healthy. They offer four different flavors for your canine friend including a IPA Lot In the Yard, Crotch Sniffin’ Ale and a Mailman Malt Liquor.

Courtesy of The Countryman Press

Ten Grapes to Know: The Ten & Done Wine Guide | $16
Have a friend who maybe is just getting into wine or wants to expand their knowledge about the beverage? Master sommelier Catherine Fallis imparts her decades of wisdom in this new book that serves as an introduction into wine covering everything from how to pair wines to how to talk to sommeliers.

Courtesy of Yeti

Rambler Costler | $25
Whether you’re out camping or just sitting outside in your backyard, there’s nothing like a nice cold drink to accompany your time with nature. These koozies from the outdoor gear masters at Yeti are nothing like those fabric ones you see in the drug store. Made with stainless steel and padded with double insulation, you can be sure that your beer or cider (or canned wine) will remain chilled until the last drop.

Courtesy of Fyxation

Leather Bicycle Carrier | $70
Any biker knows the struggle of wanting to grab a six-pack and head to the beach or party but not wanting to lug a backpack full of glass bottles with you. Fyxation has solved your needs with an aesthetically pleasing leather carrier that will hold your beer as you cruise on to your destination of choice.