Red Mason Rye
Watts Brewing, Bothell WA

Washington ‘s Very Small Brewery of the Year in 2021, Watts in Bothell started canning in 2020 and is now available across greater Seattle. More of a toffee brown color than a reddish shade, Red Mason Rye offers aromas of sweeter crystal malt, freshly sliced rye bread, a whiff of candied peanuts, and an inkling of herbal hops. Earthy and toasty with a pleasant snap of spicy rye character, this is a medium-bodied amber ale that brings a balance often lacking in the beers vying for your attention these days. Semi-dry and satisfying with a lingering bitter note, Red Mason Rye is the bee’s knees to these taste buds.

$12 /6-pack | 5.5% ABV
Review by Sip Contributor Ben Keene, @where_and_back