Pyxis Pilsner
Ecliptic Brewing, Portland, OR

Pale gold with a snowy crown of thick, tight bubbles and flawless clarity, Ecliptic’s new Pilsner is first and foremost a photogenic beer. But this is a lager brewed for drinking, not simply admiring in a glass. From the clean aroma of sweet malt against a grassy, peppery background, to the biscuity flavor, snappy bitterness, and effortless balance, Pyxis is true to its German roots. By the time you reach the crisp, satisfying finish with its trace of herbal hops and wholesome note of toasted cereal, you’ll already be craving another sip. 

Price: $12/6-pack  | 5.5% ABV Review by Sip Contributor Ben Keene, @where_and_back