Plenty of sunshine and warmer days call for refreshing sips. And fruity hard ciders are the perfect fit. While a single-varietal apple cider is still sure to quench your thirst, why not add a bit of fruit flavor to the mix? For your next hike, picnic or backyard barbecue, seek out these seven Northwest ciders to put you in the mood for spring.

Tieton Cider Works | Hazy Strawberry | Tieton, Wash.

This pretty-in-pink cider is made with fresh, hand-picked Northwest strawberries, so it’s only available from May through September. Fresh pressed cider is infused with juicy strawberries to create a beautifully balanced, semi-sweet cider. It’s unfiltered, making its body that much fuller creating delicious flavor and mouthfeel with every sip. 
6.9% ABV

Bauman’s Cider | Loganberry Cider | Gervais, Ore.

Loganberries are a juicy, early season berry. Think: a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry. They’re picked by hand and added to cider for a beautiful berry flavor. The light red hue of this semi-dry cider will catch your attention right off the bat, and the perfect balance and berry flavor will keep you coming back for more.
6% ABV

Swift Cider | Blood Orange | Portland, Ore.

The tail end of blood orange season is the perfect time to enjoy this fruit in a cider. This offering from Swift Cider is blended with blood orange juice to create a medium dry cider. It’s zesty, fruity, crisp and clean, with just a hint of grapefruit and medium tartness.  
6.2% ABV

Greenwood Cider | Lingonberry | Seattle, Wash.

Lingonberries are the fruity relatives of blueberries and cranberries. When paired with cider, these little red berries introduce a great tartness with every sip. Not to mention, the bright red hue! It boasts a mild, thirst-quenching flavor that’s the perfect pairing for a warm day.

Lockhorn Hard Cider | Rocky Mountain Raspberry | Bozeman, Mt.

Want the flavor of freshly picked raspberries in a glass? The deep, ruby hue of this cider is hard to believe, but it’s all thanks to fresh, juicy berries. It’s gently sweet, complex-yet-balanced, and boasts true raspberry flavor. It’s the ideal sip for spring — and into summer.
6.9% ABV

Meriwether Cider Co. | Grapefruit Rosemary | Garden City, Idaho

The scent of rosemary brings images of buzzing bees and purple flowers to mind. And this cider captures that perfectly with the addition of this locally grown herb. While rosemary can be a bit overpowering, this cider is balanced with real grapefruit juice for a hint of tartness. It’s bright, herbaceous and entirely refreshing.
6.9% ABV

Channel Marker Cider | Rhubarb Raspberry | Seattle, Wash.

Springtime is peak rhubarb season, and this unique vegetable is the ideal complement to a fruited cider. Tangy rhubarb is paired with jammy, juicy raspberries to create a tasty balance of sweet and tart. Not to mention, the pink hue of this off-dry cider is simply gorgeous.
7.2% ABV