Nowadays, CBD is taking the world by storm for its range of benefits. As well as its range of benefits, it also has a range of ways it can be consumed. Gummies are a popular option, which you can click here for more info on, but people are now shaking up their regular drink order and adding a little CBD to it. Yes, that’s right, that thing from cannabis and hemp, but don’t worry it won’t get you high (that’s what THC does). CBD has varying effects on people but is best known to make people relax and even lessen pain. And who doesn’t need that to slow down a hectic morning or after a long day at work? If you are interested in trying a CBD infused you might be able to find it at dispensary among other dispensary supplies. However, if you aren’t sure about CBD and what it does, you might want to do some research into CBD before you decide to give it a try. There are different places that have information on CBD, for example, you might be interested in checking out something like HerbMighty Best CBD Oil Reviews to get an idea of the different types of oils out there. Imbibe away with these six CBD-infused drinks found exclusively in the great state of Oregon.

Smallwares‘ The Rum | Portland
Feeling like a cocktail after work but looking for a night in rather than a night out? Smallwares in NE Portland has got you covered. For an extra $3 they’ll add 25 milligrams of CBD to any of their drinks. The cocktails are simply named but the contents are far from plain. The Rum includes Plantation 3 Star rum, toasted coconut, lime, tepache (fermented pineapple) and nutmeg which all make for an irresistible treat and a splendid way to end your day.
| $10, plus $3/25mg CBD

Gron CBD Cafe‘s Hot Chocolate | Portland
Come for the best CBD oil for pain. Gron CBD has its own tasting room where you can try their CBD-infused chocolate bars or warm up with a cup of hot chocolate made, of course, with CBD-infused syrup. Or, if there’s a rare day of sun and warmth, try the Iced Chocolate which also includes a little CBD. Once you’re full make sure to buy some for the road and put that special syrup to good use in a sweet, boozy cocktail at home.
| $7 with CBD

Coalition Brewing‘s Two Flowers IPA | Portland
So maybe cocktails aren’t your thing, you’d much rather sit down with a pint or two. Well, you’re in luck because Coalition Brewing makes a CBD-infused IPA – one of the first and one of the only – that they sell at their own taproom, plus an array of Portland establishments. As Coalition puts it, cannabis and hops are cousins so why not use them together? This special brew combines the best of both worlds with the bitterness from the hops and a little grassiness from the cannabis all balanced with a citrus flavor.
| $6/10oz with 3mg CBD

Donnie Vegas‘ Marga-weed-a | Portland
Margaritas are already pretty good but a touch of CBD makes them that much better. Donnie Vegas offers a “Marga-weed-a,” a “chill” take on the CBD craze. Choose from a variety of takes on the hot dog like their Banh Mi dog or the Tijuana dog loaded with jalapenos and cream cheese and salsa. The Marga-weed-a is an essential tool when battling those spicy little peppers.
| $8 with 5mg CBD

Mother’s Juice Cafe‘s Mom’s Mosa | Bend
This juice cafe has it all – cocktails, smoothies, salads and bowls. After a late morning in, enjoy one of Mother’s healthy offerings with a splash of CBD oil. Mother’s gives you the option to add CBD oil to any one of their dishes or drinks. They even have CBD shots that come in flavors like the citrus-y Blue Lemon-aid and O.G. Crush or you can get a “Mo-mosa” with a hit of CBD oil and your choice of orange or grapefruit juice.
| $3/25mg CBD

Sunny Yoga Kitchen‘s Spicy Sake Bloody Mary | Bend
Head over for a morning yoga session and end with a meal that’s organic and locally sourced. Like Mother’s Juice Cafe, Sunny Yoga Kitchen allows you to add CBD oil to their drinks and food. So dig into a fried egg sandwich and a little CBD oil to that Bloody Mary for the most relaxing and stress-free morning one can have.
| $5, plus $3/25mg CBD