When the sun’s out and the temps are high, there’s nothing more refreshing than a cider slushie. These chilled sippers have boomed in popularity in recent years, and more and more cideries are getting creative with their offerings. They’re playful, they’re fun and they make cider that much more approachable – especially for those who may just be getting introduced to this beverage category. 

Are cider slushies made the same way as a typical bottle or can of cider? Not necessarily. Each tasting room chooses its own method that works best for them and their slushie machine. For some cideries, using pure, fermented apple juice works best as a base. Then, it’s mixed with other fruit purees to create the perfect flavor combo. Other tasting rooms choose to pour finished ciders straight into the machine. Either way, the sugar in the liquid allows for the slushie machine to create that perfect, smooth consistency we’ve all come to enjoy. And yes, you’ll certainly still find that your cider slushie will offer a nice buzz. Most cider slushies hover around 6% to 7% ABV.

Ready to find the most refreshing sip to pair with summer? We’ve rounded up five cideries pouring cider slushies in the PNW. 

Thousand Acre Cider House

Hailing from Bellingham, Wash., Thousand Acre Cider House offers cider slushies Wednesday through Sunday at their tasting room. With flavors like hazy strawberry and pineapple passionfruit, or the option to swirl two flavors, they’re sure to be delicious. 

Seattle Cider Co.

Want something cool to sip in Seattle? Slushies at Seattle Cider Co. are available during the summer months. Bubble tea cider slushies and tropical peach tea slushies have been taking center stage so far this season. 

Schilling Cider House – Portland

While you won’t find a cider slushie option at Schilling’s Seattle location, the Portland, Ore.,  location has you covered. The cider house is open every day of the week, and cider slushies are available to enjoy on the patio or for sipping indoors. You can even order them to go! 

Meriwether Cider Company

The summer temps can definitely get hot in Boise, but Meriwether has the ideal solution. They have slushies available at their Garden City taproom all summer long. Their downtown cider house just launched cider slushies at the beginning of June. Their first offering? A perfectly refreshing raspberry sipper. 

Bellingham Cider Co.

This spot in Bellingham not only boasts an awesome patio with gorgeous views, but it also features a full restaurant and bar. Stop in for lunch and grab a cider slushie to make the meal that much better.