Behold: the 2018 Best of the Northwest Cider!

The results will be published in the Fall/Winter print edition of Sip Northwest and feature the full article with tasting notes, judges’ picks, industry insight, expert opinions and more to add to your drink shopping list, click here to order a copy.

*Pricing is in USD unless otherwise noted.


DOUBLE GOLD: 2 Towns Ciderhouse Traditions 2016 Cidre Bouché || $9/375ml
GOLD: Carlton Cyderworks Citizen || $8/500ml
SILVER: Finnriver Farm & Cidery Fire Barrel || $18/750ml
BRONZE: 2 Towns Ciderhouse Traditions 2016 Riverwood || $9/375ml


DOUBLE GOLD: Locust Cider Sweet Aged Apple || $8/12oz 4-pack
GOLD: Washington Gold Cider Original || $8/750ml
SILVER (Tie): Meriwether Cider Co. Strong Arm Semi-Sweet || $8/22oz
Portland Cider Co. Sorta Sweet || $5/22oz
BRONZE: Square Mile Cider Co. The Original || $9/12oz 6-pack


DOUBLE GOLD: Seattle Cider Co. || $14/22oz
GOLD: Portland Cider Co. Pearfect || $6/22oz
SILVER: Dragon’s Head Cider || $18/750ml
BRONZE: Tieton Cider Works Sparkling || $10/500ml


DOUBLE GOLD: Alpenfire Cider Foxwhelp || $18/750ml
GOLD: Bad Granny Hard Cider In the Flesh || $13/22oz
SILVER (Tie): Seattle Cider Co. Winesap Rosé || $12/22oz
Alpenfire Cider Cinders || $35/750ml
BRONZE: Seattle Cider Co. Gravenstein Rosé || $12/22oz


DOUBLE GOLD: Finnriver Farm & Cidery Oak & Apple || $10/500ml
GOLD: Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse Rumrunner (Prohibition) || $19 CAD/750ml
SILVER: Meriwether Cider Co. Hardwood || $18/750ml
BRONZE: 2 Towns Ciderhouse The Bad Apple || $7/500ml


DOUBLE GOLD: Meriwether Cider Co. Cranberry Crosscut || $8/22oz
GOLD (Tie): 2 Towns Ciderhouse Pacific Pineapple || $12/12oz 6-pack
Scenic Road Cider Co. Mama-Beary || $8 CAD/500ml
SILVER: Scenic Road Cider Co. Razz || $8 CAD/500ml
BRONZE: Washington Gold Cider Northwest Raspberry || $11/750ml


DOUBLE GOLD: Meriwether Cider Co. Cherry Thyme Bomb || $8/22oz
GOLD (Tie): Meriwether Cider Co. Apricot Sage || $8/22oz
2 Towns Ciderhouse Cherried Away || $5/500ml
SILVER: Bad Granny Hard Cider Rainier Cherry || $13/750ml
BRONZE: Lonetree Cider Co. Apple Peach || $11 CAD/16oz 4-pack


DOUBLE GOLD: Meriwether Cider Co. Hop Shot || $8/22oz
GOLD: Portland Cider Co. Hop ‘Rageous || $11/12oz 6-pack
SILVER: Tieton Cider Works Yakima Valley Dry Hopped || $7/500ml
BRONZE: Rootwood Cider Co. Hop Infused || $15/750ml


DOUBLE GOLD (TIE): Tieton Cider Works Lavender Honey || $7/500ml
La Familia Hard Cider Jamaica Hibiscus || $6/500ml
GOLD: d’s Wicked Cider Baked Apple || $15/12oz 6-pack
SILVER: Square Mile Cider Co. Rosé || $10/12oz 6-pack
BRONZE: Meriwether Cider Co. Grapefruit Rosemary || $8/22oz


DOUBLE GOLD (TIE): Locust Cider New England Amber || $8/12oz 4-pack draft
2 Towns Ciderhouse 2015 Pommeau || $25/375ml
GOLD: Lonetree Cider Co. Apple Ginger || $11 CAD/12oz 6-pack
SILVER: Locust Cider Ginger Lemongrass || $7/16oz draft
BRONZE: 2 Towns Ciderhouse Ginja Ninja || $5/500ml