Wine barrels are inherently aesthetically pleasing to the eye, so imagine what can happen when you combine a wine barrel’s charming good looks with some creative ingenuity. Making home decor out of used pallets has been trending for some time now, but those lowly pallets may need to step aside and make room for elegant furnishings crafted from used wine barrels.

Pets sleep in style: Enjoying a glass of wine with dinner may not be an option for your pets, but that doesn’t mean man’s best friend can’t bask in the luxury of a wine barrel bed. The Gilded Horn has step-by-step instruction for crafting a handmade dog bed from an old wine barrel. It may take some time, and you may want to line the inside with something comfy for your pup to lie down in, but the end results will look great. You can check out calming dog bed reviews to find the best seat for your dog inside this stylish barrel.

You’ll need a hefty list of supplies (bolts, nuts, jigsaw, jigsaw blades, hammer, pliers, chisel, sealer, sand paper, drill, drill bits and a few other “optional” supplies) and a couple hours to construct this charming bed fit for Fido. You’ll probably wish you had one, too. Cordless drills are probably the most used power tool today and you can find one in almost every home in the US. If you would like a cordless drill of your own, check out some of the different models over on the Coolest Gadgets website.

Pretty planters: You’ve probably seen these while scrolling across Pinterest pages, but with planting season just around the corner, these DIY wine barrel planters are too timely (and adorable) to pass up. Centsational Girl shares her instructions for how to craft a tiered wine barrel planter for less than $30 (compared to similar planters than retail for more than $200). All you’ll need is half a wine barrel, additional wood (for the tiers), a jigsaw, compound miter saw, power screwdriver, drill bit, measuring tape, screw and some twine. There are lots of miter saws on the market so if you’re unsure which one you’ll need, take a look at this article talking about the differences between a 10 inch vs 12 inch miter saw. It’ll ensure you have the right equipment for the job. The great thing about making a tiered planter is that it provides more space for your plants to grow, and creates a beautiful cascading effect.

Cabernet cabinet: If you’ve been looking for a creative way to store your drinkables, a repurposed wine barrel makes great storage for wine glasses and beverages that can be stored at room temperature. The blog Reclamation Station shows how an old wine barrel can easily be transformed into a clever liquor cabinet, complete with slots perfect for sliding stemmed glassware into.

Faux fashion: Living in the Northwest, there is an abundance of wine barrels all eagerly awaiting their reincarnation into something new. However, if you find yourself unable to get your hands on a wine barrel, you can always fake it. Lil Blue Boo has a step-by-step tutorial for making an incredibly charming “wine barrel” tray using just a few simple items from the hardware store. You can customize a message to make the tray personalized, or mimic a design from an actual barrel.