Silver City Brewery just announced the addition of two IPAs to its regular lineup. The first will be available year-round. The second will be available through the early part of next year. Here is the release announcement introducing both beers.


The hoppiest beer Silver City Brewery has ever concocted, Alive & Amplified debuts our all-new, proprietary “Hop Amplifier” process to extract as much flavor and aroma as possible from the sacred fruit through every stage of the brew. Incorporating Citra, Mosaic, Chinook, Centennial, and Galaxy hops, bold pine and citrus flavors pleasantly overwhelm the palate with an electrifying bitterness and a sweet, juicy dankness on the nose. All of this glorious hop flavor is contained within a shiny, golden liquid with just enough malt to provide substance, while keeping things vibrant and nimble enough that you can shred all night long.

HOPS: Citra, Mosaic, Chinook, Centennial, Galaxy
MALTS: NW Pale, Oats, Caramel Malt
IBU: 65
ABV: 7%

AVAILABILITY: On tap and in 12oz cans, year-round


Originally a limited, experimental variant of our beloved Tropic Haze IPA released in honor of 4/20, but now joining our core lineup, Tropic Chronic exudes extremely dank aroma and flavor components resulting from the use of terpenes– aromatic compounds found in many plants, though most commonly associated with MJ. In order to create a beer reminiscent of the PNW’s favorite herb, our brewteam arduously analyzed several specimens, carefully selecting a strain that emanates aromatic properties deemed compatible with Tropic Haze IPA. These specimens were then sent to a lab, so that the types of terpenes could be identified, allowing us to synthesize the desired aromatic qualities through terpenes derived from natural, non-MJ flora. We hope you enjoy partaking!

Tropic Chronic IPA is the beginning of what Silver City Brewery is deeming the Chronic Series. Over the next several months, look for additional spins on Silver City Brewery favorites utilizing this innovative new process.

HOPS: Strata, Mosaic, Citra, Idaho 7
MALTS: NW Pale, British Pale, Flaked Wheat, Rolled Oats
IBU: 50
ABV: 6.4%

Note: Contains no actual MJ!

AVAILABILITY: On tap and in 12oz cans, thru early 2022