Hop Water is the new Non-Alc Seltzer

by | Sep 9, 2022

Summer days are filled with sunshine and weekend barbecues, where patties are flipped, laps are swum, and everyone is looking for a drink to cool them off. Hop water, a delicious, seltzer-y substitute for alcohol with the same beer taste, is that drink. These flavorful, alc-free seltzers are crafted using high-end hops that provide refreshing and zesty fruitiness with less calories. In the words of Lagunitas, who knew moderation could taste so good? Check out these seven hop water flavors this summer. 

Lagunitas | Petaluma, California

Hoppy Refresher

The hops in this Hoppy Refresher present themselves the moment you sip, and quickly transform into vibrant apricot and peach. As these stone fruits fade, soft floral notes emerge and are met with a tropical mango finish. To remind you that it’s a bright summer drink, this Refresher has effervescent bubbles that let you know that it’s a great light alternative to a Hazy IPA.      

Aslan Brewing | Bellingham, Washington

Sparkling Hop Water 

Move over every other light, non-alcoholic beverage. Aslan Brewing has created a delicate and floral Hop Water that is delicious and easy to drink. The subtle notes of lime and lemon are met with a hint of guava. The round bubbles lead into a refreshing finish of cucumber and lavender.  

Sockeye Brewing | Meridian, Idaho

Hop Water

This easy-to-drink sparkling refreshment is just that. With notes of apple and raspberry, the hops on this drink are slightly more pronounced, providing a well-balanced bitterness to the middle of the palate. All of this leads to a finish of guava and peach.  

Grapefruit Hop Water

Can everyone remember what a red cherry popsicle tastes like? That’s immediately what you get with this Sockeye Brewing Grapefruit Sparkling Water. Its bright cherry, grapefruit and raspberry transition into a bubbly finish of refreshing cucumber and lemon lime. 

XOBC Cellars’ Misfit Mist | Seattle 

Misfit Mist Proud Water (Hibiscus + Passionfruit)

Proud Water stands out with its pronounced flavors of honeysuckle and delicious hoppiness mid-palate. Soft notes of green apple, passionfruit and hibiscus linger on the long finish, making you want more.

Misfit Mist Citra Hop Water

This Citra Hop Water provides pronounced flavors of honeysuckle and mango sorbet. Lemon and lime mingle in the soft effervescence that doesn’t take over the drink, but merely sparkles.

Misfit Mist Lotus Hop Water

This soft, floral drink is great for tea lovers. Lavender and pear are smooth along the whole palate, making this Lotus Hop Water light and round. Even the effervescence of the bubbles are inviting and not overpowering and lead to a long finish of lime. 

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