Ciders that Hit the Sweet Spot of Summer and Fall

by | Sep 22, 2022

It’s a season of transition where we watch the lovely PNW summer unfold into a golden-hazed fall. While we’re reveling in the precious last days of summer — and awaiting the nippy, spooky season — we love to sip delicious drinks to make the most of every moment. One beverage that’s low ABV, crisp and makes for easy-sipping? Cider! It’s perfect for this sweet spot the PNW weather Gods bestow upon us — not scorching hot, but not crazy cold just yet.

Here are some stunning PNW ciders that make a strong case for anytime sipping:

Palisades | ​​Yonder Cider | Wenatchee, Wash.

This herbaceous, full-flavored cider from Yonder Cider is lovely for welcoming Fall. It features unique culinary apples with PNW’s bountiful late-summer blackberries, all reigned-in with earthy hints of sage. Pair it with chicken pot pie for a sumptuous meal.
16oz can | 6.5 % ABV

Rosé | ​​Dragon’s Head Cider | Vashon, Wash.

Still clinging on to the last of summer? This Rosé cider from Dragon’s Head, a family-owned cidery on Vashon Island, is like summer in a glorious, pink-hued bottle. The cider is made with a special blend of red-fleshed apple varieties and features bright notes of cranberry, grapefruit, and honeydew melon. Pair with a simple, hearty niçoise salad.
750ml bottle | 6.9% ABV 

Strawberry Mojito Cider | Bauman’s Cider Company | Gervais, Ore. 

Craving a fruity cocktail and an elegant cider? Enter Bauman Cider’s ‘Strawberry Mojito Cider,’ which delivers a heady cocktail-inspired punch without any shaking, stirring or complex ingredients involved. Ripe Oregon Strawberries are balanced out with cool mint for a refreshing sip. Best pairings? We vote for tacos de carnitas!
500ml bottle | 6.7 % ABV

Rhuby Tuesday |Greenbank Cidery | Coupeville, Wash.

Cozy, comforting, and umami — Rhuby Tuesday from Greenbank Cidery takes its inspiration from grandma’s strawberry rhubarb pie and tastes like a hug in beverage form. Heirloom apples meet ripe strawberries and tangy rhubarb to create a semi-dry cider that pairs perfectly with … you guessed it, dessert! Pair it with an indulgent vanilla ​​crème brûlée for a delightful experience.
500ml bottle | 6.9% ABV

Hopped Up | Montana Ciderworks | Darby, Mont.

This one is from Montana Ciderworks, the state’s pioneering cidery, for all the beer fans out there. Heirloom apples from the Bitterroot Valley are fermented and then the cider is dry hopped, resulting in delicate aromatics, bursting tangerine notes, and a smooth, malty texture. This easy sipper is lovely for game nights, early-fall picnics or just lounging in comfy sweatpants. Pair it with baked brie and rosemary crackers!
500ml bottle | 6.9% ABV







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