Mediterranean Citrus & Chamomile
Aurora Elixirs | Portland, Ore.

Female-founded and based in Oregon, Aurora Elixirs owns the market on whole plant-infused sparkling CBD beverages. In a collaboration with cannabis cocktail producer Artet, the Aurora x Artet Mediterranean Citrus & Chamomile transports you to the Amalfi Coast in a petite, visually appealing package. The aromatic and botanically inspired aperitif is spritzy and sprightly, touting 25-milligrams of broad spectrum hemp extract and popping with grapefruit, orange peel, spices and citrusy hemp tones. The bubble is fine and consistent, aiding in an off-dry and refreshing finish, and making it enjoyable straight with a straw dropped in or over ice and mixed with gin.

Price:  $20 / 200ml 4-pack + (2) gold stainless steel straws and 1 bottle opener.

Review by Sip Contributor Erin James, @erincjames