Not your typical airport hotel, yet Cedarbrook Lodge is less than two miles from SeaTac Airport. Instead of constant noise and roaring traffic, you’ll find a retreat-like setting surrounded by 18 acres of restored wetlands, tuning up your mood for a serene, relaxing stay.

During your visit, a stroll around the grounds, is a must. Walking paths pave the way for you to view the Lodge’s bee hives, whiff the pleasant aromas of the chef’s garden and savor that often hard-to-find quietness. Think of Cedarbrook as your urban sanctuary.

From the moment you enter the lobby until you check out, you’ll be treated to the best in food, drink and amenities. Executive Chef Adam Stevenson brings a genuine locavore encounter to diners at the Copperleaf Restaurant on-site. His focus on sustainability and his fondness for Northwest ingredients dial up his cuisine choices to an inspired level. The chilled carrot soup will turn anyone with a vegetable avoidance into an aficionado. The beef, grown locally, makes steaks as perfect as they come. For a one-of-a-kind experience treat yourself to the chef’s five-course tasting menu, where Stevenson pulls out all the stops.

The chef’s counterpart on the beverage side, Dean Shivers, shares his passion for mixology at the newly expanded Copperleaf Bar & Terrace. When tending bar, he says he likes to think of himself as a “chef in an open kitchen.”

“When I see a smile on a customer’s face after their first sip, or hear a ‘wow,’ that’s the best reward for my work,” he notes.

Shivers’ biology studies in college and his interest in taking things apart combined into what is now his affinity for creating specialty cocktails. He also combs the chef’s garden for ideas. Mints, fennel, anise and lemon verbena have all taken their turn into his concoctions.

“Lemon verbena is one of my favorite herbs for its nostalgic flavor and a bouquet almost like the Lemonhead candy,” Shivers says. “After much experimentation, I found the perfect vessel for basil: a basil granita.”

Although dining and sipping at Cedarbrook may be your preferred pastimes, you’ll want to try out some of the amenities as well. For a full-on pampering, The Spa at Cedarbrook has you covered. Indulge in a massage, facial or mani-pedi just because. An indoor fitness center lets you exercise when the weather doesn’t favor an outdoor workout.

My personal favorite is the living room on each floor. You can sneak out to yours in your pajamas and grab a snack or drink at no charge. Or gather a group to play board games, also available in the living rooms. Whatever your fancy, Cedarbrook offers rest and repose, inconspicuously mere minutes from the tarmac.