Presenting one of the latest barrel-aged projects from Deschutes Brewery: a bright, tart (and extremely elusive limited-release) saison, also known as Cultivateur. The expertly crafted blend of three beers brewed in both the Portland and Bend, Oregon brewpubs yields a slightly sour, sparkling and fruity flavor profile, courtesy of live cultures and Brettanomyces.

After aging in Pinot casks for 13 months, the primary brew components emerge well-seasoned with hints of tart stone fruit and oak. Deschutes’ commitment to whole cone hops helps uphold a residual bitterness behind each pucker-worthy sip, but the finish is clean and crisp, similar to a mild sour ale. Track down a 22-ounce bottle, break open the wax seal and get sipping, puckering and “ah”-ing in a sigh of refreshment.

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