For children, opening a wrapped gift is a joy in itself, but for adults, nothing is better than the feeling of finally opening a highly anticipated package — especially when there’s cider involved. The Northwest Cider Club, created by the Northwest Cider Association, released their latest craft cider variety boxes earlier this month. 

The theme for this release is “Big Sky Country,” with craft ciders deriving from Montana and Idaho. Four hard cider variety boxes are offered through the cider club, which delivers quarterly

The Discover Big Sky box comes with six handpicked ciders listed below. This club option is a steal at $50-60/per quarter, plus tax, shipping and handling. For a bigger box to unwrap, the Discover 12 Big Sky option doubles up on those six ciders, sending two each, for a total of 12. This club option rings in at $100-120/per quarter, plus tax, shipping and handling.

For those who prefer larger bottles to share,the Elevated Big Sky box features four different 750ml ciders at $70-90/per quarter,plus tax, shipping and handling. The final and fastest-growing club option, the Discover and Elevated club includes all six ciders from the Discover Big Sky box, in addition to all four ciders from the Elevated Big Sky box. This package of all 10 ciders runs $120-150/per quarter, plus tax, shipping and handling.

To help spread the joy of craft cider this season, the club is available to gift! Memberships can last one quarter or more (you decide!) and you don’t even have to wrap or ship.With hard to find ciders hailing from the Treasure and Gem states, anyone can certainly get their fill of riches with the season’s latest cider box. Make sure to sign up by Nov. 17 to secure your own treasure chest shipped mid-December— no digging involved.


Western Cider
Farmhouse | 8.4% ABV | 500 ml.

Lockhorn Cidery
Boar Sight Bittersweet | 5.5% ABV | 16 oz.

Lockhorn Cidery
Montana McIntosh Bitterroot Valley Brut | 6% ABV | 16 oz.

Cedar Draw Cider
Spice Queen | 6.9% ABV | 500 ml.

Meriwether Cider
Cranberry Crosscut | 6.9% ABV | 500 ml.

Western Cider
Ranch Hand | 6.5% ABV | 12 oz.


Montana Ciderworks
North Fork Traditional | 7% ABV | 750 ml. 

Bauman’s Cider
McIntosh Single Varietal | 6% ABV | 500 ml.

Montana Ciderworks
McIntosh Heirloom | 6% ABV | 750 ml. 

Western Cider
Dry & Dandy Sparkling Cider | 8.1% ABV | 750 ml.


Sponsored by Northwest Cider Association