Leave your wine key and fragile glasses at home. Lugging around a wine bottle in your hiking backpack or beach tote isn’t necessary with canned wines. Not to mention, you’ll regain the ability to sip on a classy vino at campgrounds, trails and beaches too, where glass is usually forbidden — and unsafe. 

Speaking of safety, canned wine is your new favorite sip for socially distant hangs — most cans hold two servings so you don’t even have to leave your seat for a refill. Without having to sacrifice quality, you can enjoy the convenience of wine in a more robust form, built to withstand a couple bumps in the road. Also containing a higher percentage of recycled content compared to glass, sipping from these practical vessels are friendlier to the environment as well! 

Joining the popular ranks of other canned adult bevvies (like beer, cider and hard seltzer), wine can now be stuffed in your cooler, pack or even pocket. Whatever you prefer, these Northwest wineries offer pop tops in reds, whites, bubbles and everything in between.

Pinot Noir | Bold Leaf Wine

Bold Leaf Wine is the result of a legendary collaboration between Oregon’s 2 Towns Ciderhouse and Stoller Family Estate. For those who want to take the state’s bold flavors on the go, their portable Pinot Noir shows off Oregon-grown grapes in a full-bodied, smooth red cherry profile. Each sip weaves notes of smokiness, toasted oak, cacao and vanilla onto your palate.

White Bubbles | Canned Oregon

Proving that seriously good wine doesn’t have to be so serious is Canned Oregon’s White Bubbles. Also from the Stoller Family Estate team, this distinctive bubbly wine has delightful aromatic notes of tropical pineapples, starfruit and even creamsicle. With a refreshing citrus finish, White Bubbles is the perfect complement to a wine cocktail or can be enjoyed in front of a bonfire straight from the can.

Daft Pink | Split Rail Winery

Injected with bubbles for an enjoyable fizzy sensation, Daft Pink is Split Rail Winery’s take on summer in a can. Showcasing the best of what Idaho’s local agriculture has to offer, this dry rosé is crowned with a tantalizing lemon curd and strawberry tang. Get your buzz on with one of these easy-drinking vinos in a convenient can that you can bring just about anywhere.

Joe to Go Pinot Gris | Wine by Joe

Wine by Joe’s canned alternative to glass bottles — appropriately dubbed Joe to Go — is a lively Pinot Gris. The Oregon-based winery blends the state’s wine grapes with tropical flavors to create the perfect drink for boating and beach days, not just because its taste will complement any sunny day, but its convenient can is a safer option — glass bottles and sandy beaches don’t always mix well.

Oregon Red | Dear Mom Wine Co.

The Oregon Red from Dear Mom Wine Co. holds tastes reminiscent of France’s Côte-Rôtie — blending 90% Syrah with 10% Viognier like the famed region does. Featuring grapes from the Applegate Valley, the Oregon Red has notes of crushed lavender, dark cherries and plums, transferring to the palate full and bold with bouncy cranberry in the bright finish. To enjoy this red to its full capacity, crack open a can and pour the contents into a glass to see its ruby red hue. 

Chardonnay | ICAN

Mercer Family Vineyards’ answer to canned wines is their new line of quality convenience in ICAN. Sip their refreshing Washington-grown Chardonnay from attractive, slim aluminum cans which feature a plastic ring — in removing the metallic taste from the lip of the can, it enhances the wine’s honeysuckle and pear aromas and vanilla undertone. ICAN Chardonnay cans are resealable, so packing up your party and taking it elsewhere is possible without the risk of spillage. (They also have a line of hard seltzers.)

Sparkling White | Cascadian Outfitters

The Sparkling White from Cascadian Outfitters is all of the quality you love from estate-grown fruit out of the Columbia Valley, with the practicality and ease of sipping from a can. Pop a top after a bike ride or hike and enjoy the expressive aromas of lemon and grapefruit matched by bright flavors of green apple, Anjou pear and citrus. You can feel sporty just drinking this wine out of its can.

Smooth Red Blend | 14 Hands Winery

For red wine lovers who can’t decide which of the dark grape varieties is their favorite, relish in the Smooth Red Blend from Washington State’s 14 Hands Winery. This predominantly Merlot and Syrah blend — with small quantities of Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel, among others — presents flavors of cherry pie and ripe berries, encased by a framework of tannins. The convenient canned blend is perfect for keeping a BBQ pork dish or gourmet cheese charcuterie board company.

Rosé | Fruit & Flower

Taste bursts of watermelon, cherry and strawberry in the vibrant rosé from Fruit & Flower, a new line of wines from Elicit Wine Project (part of the Ste. Michelle Wine Estates portfolio). Tasting as great as it looks, the rosé is encased in an Instagrammable aluminum can — fittingly adorned with the titular fruits and flowers — a look that complements the hints of jasmine and honeysuckle accentuating each sip.