The stockings are hung by the chimney with care…and now it’s up to you to fill them. For the coffee nerd you know, or the coffee amateur, any of these five gifts will wrap up beautifully in time for Christmas morning. Happy holidays!

Espresso Sea Salt. One of five “specialty shakers” from café and catering company Seattle Espresso, Espresso Sea Salt is meant for the finishing touches on anything from cookies to caramels. Great for the family baker. || $7

Left Coast Roast. This compact tome of West Coast coffee houses by Portlander Hanna Neuschwander was a favorite from July’s summer reading list—it reads just as well in winter, and maybe better. Available online from Powell’s or Amazon. || $16.95

Dark Espresso Dark Balsamic. Queen Anne Olive Oil, brand new to Seattle, is already doing brisk business in time for the holidays. Their variety of novelty oils and vinegars inspires creative cooking, and their $5 bottles let you mix and match low-maintenance stocking stuffers. The Dark Espresso option is perfect for savory cooking—burgers, roasts—with a hint of coffee. || $5/60 milliliters

Espro Calibrated Tamper. If you know a barista, it’s an easy buy—BC-based Espro’s calibrated tamper is an industry standard that uses 30 pounds of force feedback to let you press grounds into the portafilter with constant precision. Available in flat or convex base. || $90

Inker Cup and Saucer. Coffee mugs are a common gift this time of year, but the cup and saucer add an element of sophistication, and look great ensconced by cream and sugar. Clive Coffee carries Inker brand in various sizes and colors, including brown and mint. $8/2 ounce. || $10/6 ounce