In every group of friends, there always manages to be one who doesn’t like beer. Worst case scenario is that it’s not just any friend, but your best friend who is less than enthusiastic about the sudsy libation. “Why me, why me?” you wonder as you consider the only two evident solutions to this problem: drag them along to the brewery against their wishes… or end the friendship. Yeah, OK, the latter is slightly dramatic.

Fortunately, you can simultaneously save your friendship and all present taste buds with a few breweries that are anti-beer bestie approved! So BYOB — bring your own bestie, that is — for some quality time and quality ales at these five breweries for non-beer drinkers.

Peddler Brewing Co. || Seattle

Grab your pal and head to Peddler Brewing Co. for a selection of sippable suds like the Horchata Cream Ale – who can say no to this Mexican horchata-inspired ale brewed with cinnamon and real vanilla?! – the Tangerine Hefeweizen or the Beach Cruiser Blonde. Located on the neighborhood’s main route, Leary Way, Peddler is a go-to for the city’s abundant cyclist community and is also dog-friendly (meaning if all else fails: dogs). Nosh on vegan eats from the resident food truck, Cycle Dogs, or feel free to bring outside food and make yourselves at home.

Backwoods Brewing Co. || Portland

The sister location to Backwoods’ original location in the Gorge, “Backwoods in the Pearl” recently opened its doors to Portland’s funky Pearl District, just down the street from Powell’s Books. While the cocktail menu or selection of wines from local Garnier Vineyards may satisfy your pal, persuade with a pint of the low-key Little Town Lager or summer seasonal Dreamsicle, reminiscent of those refreshing orange and vanilla treats everyone loves. Don’t forget to order a plate of garlic parmesan, buffalo-style or pulled pork loaded tots.

Outlander Brewing Co. || Seattle

Like your Northwest-inhabiting, beer-shunning friend, Outlander Brewing Co. challenges the status quo. Running off a 3.5-barrel system in a charming house in the Fremont neighborhood, Outlander is nothing short of innovative and quirky. Taps rotate frequently but have previously included Goats and Roses, brewed with horny goat weed and rose petals, and medicinal blends like the Chaga Mushroom and Vana Basil or Astragalus and Shisandra. Pro tip: stop by on a Tuesday evening during “Vinyl is Forever” and play your favorite records on Outlander’s turntable (because no old home is complete without a little vinyl action).

Faculty Brewing Co. || Vancouver, British Columbia

If you’ve tried everything from the sessionable to the fruit-forward, but your friend still isn’t here for it, Faculty Brewing is here to “educate and empower” you with craft beer knowledge in hopes of increasing craft beer consumption via education — it’s worth a shot! Ease your pal in with a pint of neighbor Oddity’s on-tap kombucha while you sip on a pale ale from Faculty’s single-hopped series and prepare to learn all the things.

Woodland Empire Ale Craft || Boise, ID

A handful of IPAs and stouts lead the pack at this fan favorite nestled in downtown Boise amid a crew of fellow walkable breweries. Order comfort food like the Sloppy Grilled Cheese from Manfred’s Catering — located in the same building — and play a round of darts or post up at a pinball machine while you wait for its arrival. Woodland also offers cider, wine and ‘booch options so everyone feels welcome.