Black Butte Non-Alcoholic
Deschutes Brewery, Bend OR

Non-alcoholic beer is having a moment, and for drinkers that means more options. Here in the northwest, one option that will appeal to fans of malty ales is the non-alcoholic version of Black Butte Porter. It’s indistinguishable from its older sibling’s deep chestnut brown color, and offers a similar aroma, albeit with slightly less complexity. The rich chocolate and roasty coffee notes of the original are tuned down just a bit in the NA Porter, which brings more of a malty, grain-forward quality to the nose. On the palate, we once again have a close match, although I find the full strength beer brings an extra degree of bitterness to the table, enhancing the overall balance. Expect flavors of brown toast, mild tea, and a touch of nutty toffee. In the end, Deschutes has brewed a tasty if technically different Porter that will satisfy a craving for something dark, malty, and alcohol free.

$10 /6-pack | 0.5% ABV

Review by Sip Contributor Ben Keene, @where_and_back