Fa La La La La
Double Mountain Brewery, Hood River, OR

Temperatures in the Northwest are falling, and so are snow flurries, which means it’s time to reach for, well, an IPA, of course. With a color like warm caramel and a bold aroma suggesting a blizzard of hops, Fa La La La La is definitely a beer for colder months. Grassy notes join resinous pine, citrus peel, and a nudge of herbal spice on the nose of this medium-bodied beer in the vein of Sierra Nevada’s Celebration. Then, bitter orange meets rosemary crackers and sweeter pine nut cookies on the palate, with some alcohol heat and a piney linger that leaves the mouth watering for more. A seasonal worth seeking out, especially for fans of West Coast IPAs. 

Price: $12 6-pack | 7.5% ABVReview by Sip Contributor Ben Keene, @where_and_back