Mighty deity of war, Attila the Hun was the fifth century king of the Hunnic Empire who wreaked havoc between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean for nearly two decades. His destructive path earned him the title of “Scourge of God”—the guy put his own brother six feet under then overtook the Hun empire and moved to take on the Romans when he died at his own wedding celebration (someone would marry him?). Apparently, the folks of Attila Hard Cider (a cider made for Ellensburg, Wash.’s Elevage Wine Company) believe too much wedding-time hard cider took him to meet his maker. Not as deadly, the Attila Scourge of God cider is actually quite harmless, with easy Bosc pear and red apple aromas, mixed with sprigs of lemon thyme to give a savory sound. Semi-dry up front with juicy fruit, the mid-palate gets a hit of acidity and finishes brisk and dry.