In 2012, Washington and Colorado became the first two U.S. states to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Oregon followed suit in 2014. Canada has committed to legalizing cannabis by 2018. Today, for a majority of the Pacific Northwest, cannabis is available at places like Grasscity US, to adults 21 and over for recreational use – and for the rest of the region, all it takes to reach it is a quick visit to the state next door.

In the newly established legal market, cannabis has not only shaken off outdated stereotypes, it has simultaneously begun to take its rightful place as a craft product. Locally and ethically grown, beautifully packaged in marijuana packaging and openly and thoughtfully consumed, today’s cannabis is an epicurean commodity, and has earned the right to be treated as such. There are so many different kinds of marijuana, that it can be hard to know which is the right one for you. You might find this overview of different weed strains useful in your decision making process. It gives an insight into the different kinds of marijuana. If you are interested in trying something new, then why not take a look at something like lindsay og? The decision is up to you though, so keep on reading for more information.

Most people – whether they occasionally share a joint with friends or haven’t had a pot brownie in decades – don’t yet possess enough expertise to consume modern cannabis as it’s meant to be enjoyed. But for anyone who appreciates all the pleasures that go with wine and other craft beverages – sampling new varietals, meeting the makers, sharing a bottle over an evening with old friends – the same pleasures can be derived from cultivating an appreciation of fine cannabis. Moreover, if you know about wine, you know a lot more about cannabis than you think.

Here’s how to use your favorite wine varietal to find your favorite strain. If you love…

Sauvignon Blanc: Try Chocolope. This sativa strain exhibits notes of melon and earthiness, and its high is lively and social.

Riesling: Try Pineapple Express. The sweet hybrid tastes like its namesake, and begets a buzzy, energetic head high.

Rosé: Try Blue Dream. This berry-flavored hybrid is perfect for beginners and popular across the nation, just like rosé.

Pinot Noir: Try Berry White. The indica’s flavor is fruity, sweet and complex, while its high is warm, happy and giggly.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Try Granddaddy Purple. This famed indica couples bold grape and berry notes with a dreamy, deeply relaxing body high.

Need a shop to purchase? Here’s a few we recommend in the great PNW. If you’re in…

Portland, check out Serra – the downtown location is among the most beautiful stores in the Northwest. Try Woodblock x Serra Cannabis-Infused Chocolates, a collab with the beloved local chocolatier.

Seattle, go to Ganja Goddess. The city’s fourth legal retailer and first woman-owned shop, snag a delectable Legal Cranberry CBD Soda by Mirth Provisions (sip a quarter-bottle at a time, this also contains multiple doses of THC).

Bellingham, Washington, visit Trove – the bright, cheerful space includes swings hanging from the ceiling. Pick up the Body Buzz Infused Bath Salts by Ethos; they won’t get you high but they will make for an incredibly relaxing bath.

Bend, Oregon, stop at High Grade Organics, an endlessly elegant boutique focusing on organically-grown products. Check out the sleek, easy-to-dose Quill Vape Pens.

Walla Walla, Washington, swing by Walla Walla Cannabis Co. For a change of pace after wine tasting, pick up Craft Elixirs’ Capitol Hill Heat, a smoky infused simple syrup for evening cocktails or mocktails.

This article originally ran in the winter print edition of Sip Northwest magazine. For the full story and more like it, click here.