2018 Best of the Northwest: Beer

by | Oct 15, 2018

Behold: the 2018 Best of the Northwest Beer!

The results will be published in the Fall/Winter print edition of Sip Northwest and feature the full article with tasting notes, judges’ picks, industry insight, expert opinions and more to add to your drink shopping list, click here to order a copy.

*Pricing is in USD unless otherwise noted.


DOUBLE GOLD: Kulshan Brewing Co. Premium Lager || $8/12oz 6-pack
GOLD: Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co. Vienna || $5/16oz
SILVER: Lucky Envelope Brewing Helles || $6/22oz
BRONZE: Reuben’s Brews Lager from Down Under || $5/16oz draft


DOUBLE GOLD: Boneyard Beer Camper Van || $5/16oz draft
GOLD: Dru Bru || $5/22oz
SILVER: Buoy Beer Co. Cream Ale || $12/12oz 6-pack
BRONZE: Icicle Brewing Co. Snow Creek || $10/12oz 6-pack


DOUBLE GOLD: Kulshan Brewing Co. || $5/500ml
GOLD: Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. PDX Pils || $10/12oz 6-pack
SILVER: Chainline Brewing Co. Polaris || $17/16oz 4-pack
BRONZE (Tie): Jellyfish Brewing Co. Hydra Pils || $6/16oz draft
pFriem Family Brewers || $4/500ml
Airways Brewing Pre Flight || $10/12oz 6-pack 


DOUBLE GOLD: pFriem Family Brewers Super Saison || $6/375ml
GOLD: Icicle Brewing Co. Lifeguard Bière de Garde || $7/22oz
SILVER: Aslan Brewing Co. Frances Farmer || $10/500ml
BRONZE: Old Stove Brewing Co. Saison Du Poele || $6/16oz draft


DOUBLE GOLD: Reuben’s Brews From the Shadows || $14/16oz 4-pack
GOLD (Tie): Three Creeks Brewing Co. Stonefly || $9/12oz 6-pack
Ninkasi Brewing Co. Yours Truly Easy-Drinking || $9/12oz 6-pack
SILVER: The Pike Brewing Co. Hive Five || $11/12oz 6-pack
BRONZE: Kulshan Brewing Co. Greenwood Summer || $10/12oz 6-pack


DOUBLE GOLD: Boneyard Beer Diablo Rojo || $5/16oz draft
GOLD: Icicle Brewing Co. Dirtyface || $6/22oz
SILVER (Tie): Great Northern Brewing Co. Good Med Montana Red Ale || $9/12oz 6-pack
Lowercase Brewing eSB || $6/16oz draft
BRONZE: Kulshan Brewing Co. Red Cap Irish-Style Red || $10/12oz 6-pack


DOUBLE GOLD: Reuben’s Brews Robust Porter || $5/22oz
GOLD: Wander Brewing Global Mutt || $6/500ml
SILVER: Kulshan Brewing Co. Transporter || $5/500ml
BRONZE (Tie): Stoup Brewing Robust Porter || $5/16oz draft
Boneyard Beer Black 13 || $5/16oz draft
Jellyfish Brewing Co. Cannonball Oatmeal Porter || $6/16oz draft


DOUBLE GOLD: Fremont Brewing Co. Dark Star Imperial Oatmeal || $11/22oz
GOLD: Boneyard Beer Breakfast Stout || $5/16oz draft
SILVER: Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co. Gentlemen’s Stout || $5/16oz
BRONZE: Mollusk Brewing Bog Monster || $7/500ml


DOUBLE GOLD: Fremont Brewing Co. Summer Ale || $9/12oz 6-pack
GOLD: Georgetown Brewing Co. The Home Shows || $9/12oz 6-pack
SILVER: Icicle Brewing Co. Kickstand || $10/12oz 6-pack
BRONZE: Georgetown Brewing Co. Johnny Utah || $9/12oz 6-pack


DOUBLE GOLD: Old Schoolhouse Brewing Eddy Hopper  || $6/16oz draft
GOLD: Aslan Brewing Co. Batch 15 || $10/12oz 6-pack
SILVER: Airways Brewing Luxury Jet > $15/12oz 6-pack
BRONZE (Tie): Optimism Brewing Co. B.E. Juicy || $7/16oz draft
Hellbent Brewing Co. Status: Unclear || $6/16oz draft


DOUBLE GOLD: Boneyard Beer Eeepa IPA || $5/16oz draft
GOLD: Schooner Brewing 3-Grid || $4/16oz draft
SILVER: Old Schoolhouse Brewery Easy Runaway IPA || $6/16oz draft
BRONZE (Tie): Payette Brewing Co. Recoil IPA || $10/12oz 6-pack
Cloudburst Brewing Please Advise || $6/16oz draft
Kulshan Brewing Co. Heliotrope || $5/16oz draft


DOUBLE GOLD: Georgetown Brewing Co. Idawhooo || $12/64oz growler
GOLD: Bale Breaker Brewing Co. Bottomcutter || $12/12oz 6-pack
SILVER: Old Schoolhouse Brewery Ruud Awakening || $7/22oz
BRONZE: GoodLife Brewing Comatose || $11/12oz 6-pack


DOUBLE GOLD: Fremont Brewing Co. Raspberry Silence || $15/750ml
GOLD: Lucky Envelope Brewing Raspberry Sour || $$7/22oz
SILVER (Tie): Great Northern Brewing Co. Wild Huckleberry || $9/12oz 6-pack
Alesong Brewing & Blending Terroir Pinot Noir || $16/500ml
BRONZE: Deschutes Brewery Family Tree Peach Sour || $15/20oz


DOUBLE GOLD: Urban Family Brewing Co. Perpetuation || $9/500ml
GOLD: Fremont Brewing Co. Gose || $6/22oz
SILVER: Alesong Brewing & Blending Pêche || $16/500ml
BRONZE: Deschutes Brewery Black Raspberry Sour || $6/20oz draft


DOUBLE GOLD: Reuben’s Brews Brettania || $10/375ml
GOLD: Propolis Brewing Birch || $12/375ml
SILVER: Fremont Brewing Co. Hazy Brett IPA || $6/16oz draft
BRONZE (Tie): GoodLife Brewing Brett Lager || $15/500ml
Alesong Brewing & Blending Touch of Brett Mandarina || $16/500ml


DOUBLE GOLD: pFriem Family Brewers Belgian Strong Dark || $6/375ml
GOLD: Flying Lion Brewing Belgian Strong || $5/12oz draft
SILVER (Tie): Old Stove Brewing Co. Belgian Blonde || $6/16oz draft
Hellbent Brewing Co. Mossback Monk Belgian-Style Tripel || $6/16oz draft
BRONZE: pFriem Family Brewers Belgian Strong Blonde || $6/375ml


DOUBLE GOLD: Fort George Brewery 2018 Matryoshka Russian Imperial Stout || $20/500ml
GOLD: Fremont Brewing Co. B-Bomb || $20/22oz
SILVER: pFriem Family Brewers Rum Barrel Aged Porter || $9/375ml
BRONZE (Tie): Deschutes Brewery Black Butte XXX || $18/22oz
Old Stove Brewing Co. Collusion Russian Imperial Stout || $8/12oz draft

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