2 Towns Ciderhouse’s origins are simple: three friends from two towns who pooled their money and started their very own cidery. But what’s not simple are some of the ciders on their menu. The cidery’s product line includes a number of standout flavors like marionberry, rhubarb, bourbon/honey and their ginger-apple cider, the Ginja Ninja.

Ginja Ninja fills the glass with a clear light honey/hay color cider and a moderate amount of effervesce. The nose has a bite of ginja but it won’t sinja the nostrils before it will hinja into some oaty and fresh open meadow notes. The body is ginja-forward, but it’s a tad sweet so it won’t inja your palate. This moves into a fresh apple finish that’s a little dry and tart, but won’t make you crinja. Also in the body are tickles of bright fruits like raspberry and lemon, and some of the meadow feel from the nose that are so subtle, you’ll think they were injected with a syrinja. Bottom line: the Ginga Ninja might seem out on the frinja, but once you drink it, you’ll want to binja.

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