Best known for organics ingredients, bicycles and beer, Portland’s Hopworks Urban Brewery has recently released their break into the cider world with the HUB Hard Cider. A two-year-long endeavor that reached distribution in June, the HUB Hard Cider is the brewery’s first side-step from the path of beer but stays true to the HUB roots with the core of the cider consisting of organic apple juice concentrate and the remainder as fresh-pressed Northwest apple juice.

In genuine Northwest beer fashion, this 16-ounce pounder packs a powerful punch of 6.8 percent ABV, although you wouldn’t know it upon tasting or crushing a couple cans. Warning: this is very easy to do. Freshly sliced apple is served straight up on the aromas, with juicy and tangy apple flavors, a creamy effervescence and fizzy acidity that allow for a quaffable and cordial semi-dry cider.

The Northwest right now is an exciting place and time for cider. It is a testament to the reinvigorating drink of America past that the cherished craft breweries of the region are launching side brands of cider. Who’s next?

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