Hopping Massive
Threshold Brewing & Blending, Portland OR

At the time of year when many beers tend to creep toward the double digits in alcohol by volume, it’s refreshing to find something sessionable that doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of flavor. This so-called “hazy micro IPA” with a dusky, yellow-gold appearance is for everyone who might want a heavily hopped beer without the boozy baggage. Bold citrus comes through first in the aroma, with lemon and lime taking the lead against a background of nectarine, grass, and pine boughs. On the palate, Hopping Massive has a light-bodied, spritzy character and tastes like a lemon tart garnished with star fruit, pear, and a sprig of rosemary. A long, lingering finish leaves some resinous pine and tropical fruit in its wake, temping you to take another sip. Massively delicious. 

Price: $16 /4-pack | 3.3% ABV

Review by Sip Contributor Ben Keene, @where_and_back