5 Seasonal Ciders to Satisfy Sweater Weather Cravings

by | Sep 19, 2017

The changing of seasons can be stressful for some, but with a wide variety of tasty fall-inspired ciders to sip away on, it doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of things to love about the harvest season: crunchy leaves, sweater weather, pumpkin pie and plenty of ciders available to perfectly accompany every occasion.

Caramel Cinnamon | One Tree Cider House | 6.8% ABV | Spokane, WA | For the times when chewing apple pie seems like too much, this sweet-spiced cider will be a perfect substitute. Expertly crafted from a blend of Washington dessert apples, cinnamon spice and hints of caramel flavoring, the Caramel Cinnamon is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth just as well as a slice of apple pie.

Hollow Jack | 2 Towns Ciderhouse | 6.4% ABV | Corvallis, OR | Self described as “mischievous,” the Hollow Jack is an excellent pumpkin-infused sipper to get spooky with this Halloween season. The seasonal cider a blend of fresh-pressed apples, caramelized pumpkin and sweet potatoes topped off with honey and pumpkin pie spices. Few drinks combine crowd favorite fall flavors in such a refreshing way.

Baked Apple | d’s Wicked Cider Co. | 6.9% ABV | Kennewick, WA | Perfect for a crisp fall day, this artisanal cider is made with fresh Red Delicious and HoneyCrisp apples from Washington. Mixed with spices borrowed from apple pie like cinnamon and allspice, everything comes together in this dry cider to produce a cider that could easily serve as a substitute (or pairing) with dessert.

Apple Pie | Bandon Rain |  5.9% ABV | Bandon, OR | Masterfully concocted for enjoyment on a crisp autumn day, this “drinkable dessert” is meant to soothe the soul like a slice of fresh apple pie. With plenty of apples, some cinnamon and a dash of other blended spices, the Apple Pie from Bandon Rain is best consumed while sitting in front of a warm fireplace with a cozy blanket and accompanied by good friends.

Pumpkin Spice | Portland Cider Co. | 5.5% ABV | Portland | If you’re going for fall-themed duplicity, start your day with a pumpkin spice latte and end it with a pumpkin spice cider. The Pumpkin Spice seasonal from Portland Cider Co. aims to please your palate, with a sweet blend of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger mixed together to trick your taste buds into believing that you’ve just taken a bite of pumpkin pie.


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