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5 Beers Cans that Look Good on You and Taste Even Better

by | Apr 2, 2019

They say not to judge a book by its cover but sometimes the cover is just so eye-catching that you can’t stop yourself. The same can be said for beer cans whose labels are becoming an art unto itself. A great graphic design can get the person who knows next to nothing about beer and the person who can explain the nuances of fresh hopping to you to pick up the same beer. Here are five of the latest and greatest in PNW beer cans right now.

Photo courtesy pFriem Family Brewers

Pilsner | pFriem Family Brewers

At the beginning of the year, pFriem Family Brewers in Hood River, Oregon, announced they’d be releasing their pilsner and IPA in can form. The result has finally come out and hit the market last month. The can is sleek and simple in its design which features the brewery’s mascot, the pFriem bear, outlined in gold, serving as a reminder to take themselves seriously but not too seriously. Also showcasing the brewing team’s love of the outdoors, the beer itself has floral aromatics and a crisp, refreshing finish perfect for pairing with a seafood paella.

Photo courtesy 7 Seas Brewing Co.

Axis Brut IPA | 7 Seas Brewing Co.

You’ve heard of the hazy IPAs but have you gotten on the bandwagon of brut IPAs? If not it’s about time. As the name suggests, brut IPAs like this one from 7 Seas are bone-dry and goes down more like a light beer than its hopped-up counterparts, making it deliciously dangerous. The sleek, matte black can for this rendition from the Gig Harbor, Washington, brewery is covered in constellation like shapes giving it a nice simple design that’s almost understated for what the container holds.

Photo courtesy Loowit Brewing Co.

Shield Your Eyes | Loowit Brewing Co.

Inspired by the ’90s rock/punk band Jawbreaker, Loowit’s head brewer created their latest beer, Shield Your Eyes — a hop forward lager from the Vancouver, Washington, brewer. The can design is also a nod to the band which used the image of the Morton Salt girl on their merchandise. Shield Your Eyes is a double dry-hopped lager made with Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic and Ekuanot hops all in tribute to highlighting the great ingredients of the PNW.

Photo courtesy Deschutes Brewing

Da Shootz | Deschutes Brewery

This latest addition to Oregon powerhouse Deschutes’ lineup of beers is meant to be exactly what the can conveys: fun. A light pilsner that’s only 4 percent ABV, it’s the sort of beer you can grab a six-pack of and head to the beach and drink all day long. The floral print of the can hints at the citrus flavor of this pilsner which Deschutes says is best “paired with doing.” In other words, even if it’s not the beach and just a kickback or barbecue in someone’s backyard, this is a beer that has a wide sweet spot for when to drink it. It’s light, it’s refreshing, it’s perfect for the spring season.

Photo courtesy Strathcona Beer Co.

Head Banger Triple IPA | Strathcona Beer Co.

Don’t be intimidated by the name of this beer. Released for the Vancouver, BC, brewery’s second anniversary, Strathcona’s Headbanger Triple IPA is what you want when you want to party hard — or maybe just want to sip one drink the whole night. Fruity flavors like sweet pear and cherry make this beer go down super easy. Fermented with a special blend of “secret” yeast and double dry-hopped with the likes of El Dorado, Enigma and Citra, this IPA is something to behold but why do that when you can drink it?


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