Lemon Drop – Canned Cocktail
Drop Shop Distillery, Hillsboro OR

The ideal balance of tart to sweet? That’s exactly what you’ll find in a traditional Lemon Drop cocktail. Now, Drop Shop Distillery has harnessed this classic and canned it for ultimate convenience. But this doesn’t taste like any other canned cocktail. It’s made simply with vodka, lemon juice and just the right amount of cane sugar to add the perfect balance of freshness with a hint of pucker to your summer. Grab it in a 4-pack of 12-ounce cans to pop open the top and sip this thirst-quenching, crushable cocktail lakeside or on the patio all season long.

Price: $16.95/4-pack | 15% ABV
Review by Sip Contributor Molly Allen, @mollyallenmedia