Gin & Tonic – Canned Cocktail

Aria Gin, Portland OR

We’re loving all of the canned cocktail options coming out, but there’s definitely always a time and a place for a classic G+T! Made with all-natural ingredients and flavors, this ready-to-drink gin & tonic is absolutely delicious. It’s ridiculously refreshing, with gentle notes of citrus and the slightest hint of sweetness from pure cane sugar. With 4 cans per box, and each 250-ML can at 12.5% ABV, this small but mighty drink packs a punch. The cans are slim and portable to take out boating, fishing or camping with you this summer, or stick close to home and pack it in your bag for when you need something cold and crisp to sip at your kid’s baseball games! 

Price: $16.00/4-pack | 12.5% ABV⁠

Review by Sip Contributor Molly Allen, @mollyallenmedia