For Bainbridge organic Distillers, the Demand is There. next up? More Product

by | Jan 6, 2023

Washington’s Bainbridge Organic Distillers sells all the award-winning spirits they produce. They could sell more, but there’s one tough problem. The grain-to-glass organic distillers are currently at max production. Through a campaign on StartEngine, the 13-year-old family-owned business is raising capital to meet production goals.

What are their goals? 

“We want to produce more of what we’re already offering, offer it in more markets and continue to develop unique and innovative new spirits, our Yama Mizunara Cask Whiskey is a good example of that,” says owner Keith Barnes, a 36-year veteran of the alcohol beverage  industry. “We have a lot of interest coming from states we don’t have distribution in. We’re reluctant to take on new distribution when it may put our current distribution at risk.”

Outsourcing production is not something Barnes will consider. He’s committed to producing his organic whiskey, vodka and gin in the production facility on Bainbridge Island where he and his team can ensure the quality. 

“We are an all local product, all USDA-certified organic. It’s not easy to do. There’s a lot of extra oversight and inspection you go through,” says Barnes. “But, the upside to it is that we have a 100% completely transparent operation.”

That means that when Bainbridge boasts of using 100% organic grains grown in the state, consumers know it’s true. 

“The difference between the quality of grain that’s raised here organically versus a commodity grain is night and day,” Barnes says. “It’s an unbelievably premium product, and it’s the best that’s out there. In a lot of cases it’s heirloom grain bred at state universities in 1950s or 1960s and meant to grow in Washington without chemical intervention or support.”

The proof that the extra work is worth it is in the bottle and the mountain of awards Bainbridge has won. 

  • Yama Mizunara Cask Single Grain Whiskey: Whisky Advocate’s Craft Whiskey of the Year; 5-time winner of America’s Best Grain Whiskey from the World Whiskies Awards. 
  • Battle Point Organic Wheat Whiskeys: World’s Best Wheat Whiskey an unprecedented 5 times.
  • Two Islands Barbados Rum Cask Whiskey: Gold 4 consecutive years in San Francisco World Spirits Competitions: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022.
  • Legacy Organic Vodka: Judged the world’s best vodka from a field of more than 1,000 competitors at the World Drinks Awards in London.
  • Heritage Organic Doug Fir Gin: Two-time winner of the World’s Best American Matured Gin at World Gin Awards.

The list could go on and on.

To bring these award-winning spirits to more markets, Bainbridge’s capital campaign invites those who believe in their work to be part of the family by purchasing common stock in the $25.92 million business. The minimum investment is just $246.24, and there are levels of investment up to $1,069,999.20.

Barnes believes Bainbridge Organic Distillers is worth investing in.

“We have a track record,” he says. “We have an award-winning product line. Distributors around the country are trying to get our product, but we just don’t have enough to send to them. If we achieve our investment goal we can increase production by about 800% from where it is now, allowing us to meet demand and put together strategic relationships with retailers and distributors across the country. It will be a great thing.”

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