Forget the cranberry sauce for the table – it’s time to take that traditional Thanksgiving flavor to the bar instead. Oregon’s Portland Cider Co. released its seasonal Cranberry cider earlier this month, featuring a fermented blend of fresh cranberries from Everest Farms in Bandon, Oregon, and fresh-pressed juice from Northwest apples. For this house cocktail recipe, the cidery extended the collaboration to fellow Oregonian Wild Roots Vodka for its — you guessed it — cranberry vodka.

“Because Wild Roots Vodka uses the same cranberries from Everest Farms that we do in our cider, they blend together seamlessly,” says Helen Lewis, marketing director of the cidery.

An obvious pairing for Thanksgiving or general holiday festivities, Lewis also suggests trying the cocktail with baked brie, warm spinach dip or a charcuterie plate at your next gathering.

For many, the flavors of cranberry and apple trigger Thanksgiving memories, which was the case for Lewis when creating this full-flavored cocktail. “Funnily, those non-alcoholic fancy ciders — juices, really — that I drank as a kid inspired me,” she says. “The cranberry one was always my favorite, so I knew I wanted to keep this cocktail very bubbly and cranberry-focused, hence the use of La Croix versus orange juice.”

Loaded with fresh local cranberry, the tart citrus qualities pop with a touch of the orange-flavored sparkling water — ideal for a Thanksgiving cocktail hour.

Cranberry2 Cocktail
Recipe courtesy of Portland Cider Co.

For you (1 cocktail):
1 1/2 ounces Wild Roots Cranberry Vodka
1 cup Portland Cider Co. Cranberry Cider
1/2 cup La Croix Orange or Tangerine sparkling water
Garnish: orange slice, fresh cranberries

For a party (8 servings):
1 1/2 cups Wild Roots Cranberry Vodka
8 cups (1 growler fill) of Portland Cider Co. Cranberry Cider
4 cups La Croix Orange or Tangerine sparkling water
Garnish: 8 orange slices, handful fresh cranberries

In a glass or punch bowl, stir in the vodka, cider and La Croix to combine. Add in the garnishes as you serve.