Isn’t wordplay fun? Corvallis, Ore.,’s 2 Towns Ciderhouse thinks so and shows it with their limited release apricot cider, ‘Cot in the Act. Each batch of the specialty cider is brewed with juice from 50 pounds of ripe apricots, making it a unique entity in the burgeoning cider world (just a few other Northwest producers make apricot ciders, including Bend, Ore.,’s Atlas Cider Co. and Tieton, Wash.,’s Tieton Cider Works). The cider itself is irrefutably apricot—bold and juicy aromas of the stone fruit that lead into bold and juicy flavors of the stone fruit. But that’s not all, the core of the cider being apple, the aromas are still full in red apple tones, with earth, spiced apple sauce, peach fuzz and tomato leaf providing other aromatic offerings. The palate, as aforementioned, is robust and round with fleshy flavors of apricot and apple, finishing off-dry with clean acid. Get it while it’s still going—released in the end of July, this succulent cider will only be around as long as the sunshine is.

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