If you couldn’t tell by the tinkling lights and general cheer, holidays are inching closer. If you’re running short on ideas about what to buy the libation lover in your life, have no fear. The drink devotee’s gift list is here! From personalised mugs online in Australia to home brewery sets, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find something for every beer, wine, cider and spirit enthusiast on your list this holiday season.

But first, if you are looking for a gift with a more personal touch, why not create a custom photo mug? A friend of mine who lives in Germany bought me a custom mug last Christmas printed with some fun photos and now it is the only mug I ever use! My friend told me that if you would like Um deine ganz pers├Ânliche Fototasse zu erstelle (that means to create your own personalized photo mug for any readers that do not speak German!) then there are some fantastic custom gift websites out there that are well worth a visit.

So, let us now discuss some more fabulous gift ideas for the drink lovers in your life!

Photo courtesy of Mercantile 12

Wine Country Mugs
Mercantile 12 is here to help the wine aficionado in your life show off their love of Pacific Northwest wines with a cup or mug proudly displaying their region of choice. Choose from designs celebrating Oregon, Washington and California wine countries. || $17

Photo courtesy of Oak Bottle

Oak Bottle Aging Bottle
Is there someone on your gift list has been wanting to add the taste of sophistication and maturity to their celebrations this holiday season? Help them accomplish that goal with this bottle that accelerates the aging process and infuses whatever beverage it holds with rich flavors of oak in a matter of hours. || $60-130

Photo courtesy of Bibo Barmaid

Bibo Barmaid
For the host who goes above and beyond for every party or cocktail affair – technology is about to make their life easier. Make their next shindig a little easier with the Bibo Barmaid, a small machine that can create a tasty sip with just the click of a button. There’s a variety of concoctions to choose from, just add alcohol and ice and voila! A drink is ready in your hand. || $200

Photo courtesy of iDrink

Drinkmate Spritzer
Who do you know that’s always going out of their way to be a little bit extra? This holiday season, help them spritz up their life with this handy, dandy on-the-go drink spritzer, a portable system that adds carbonation to any drink they desire. It’s perfect for a tasteful diva or that pregnant friend who really need something more than water. || $82

Photo courtesy of The Homemade Gin Kit

Homemade Gin
Give the gin lover in your life the chance to try their hand at making their very own juniper concoction. This kit comes with two bottles, a strainer, a funnel, juniper berries and a botanical blend for extra flavor. All the necessary tools and ingredients for homemade gin-fusion. || $50

Photo courtesy of EcoVessel

Ecovessel Vine & Port
Do you know a picnic wine purveyor? This year, take care of all of their outdoor sipping needs with a portable and stainless steel wine bottle and an insulated 10-ounce cup, great for the mobile sipper. They’ll never be seen drinking out of a red cup again. || $18-55

Photo courtesy of Man Crates

Bloody Mary Crate
After the show is the after party, and what better way to keep the ball rolling this holiday season than to give the gift of Bloody Marys. In this kit from Man Crates, you’ll find all of the necessary ingredients for this classic hangover helper: bacon, tomato juice, spices and seasoning. Perfect for your friend who likes to keep the party going. || $80

Photo courtesy of Northern Brewer

Brewery in a Box
The craft beer boom has inspired all kinds of home brewers to try their hand at finding the next hit craft beer. Give your budding brewer a foot up with this introductory homebrewing kit. It has everything needed to get them going, including a recipe kit, brewing kettle, fermentor and bottling bucket. || $100

Photo courtesy of Knack

Bartending for Beginners Gift Pack
We all have that one friend who takes it upon themselves to bartend at every party. This year, mix it up a bit with this gift pack designer for the aspiring bartender. In the kit you’ll find beverage essentials such as a mixing glass, cocktail strainer, a stainless steel jigger and a stirring spoon. Spirits and garnishes not included. || $104