In under two years, the folks at BelleWood Distilling have done pretty well for themselves. Not only have they taken up the craft of distilling alongside all the labors of running a full-fledged farm, they’ve quickly learned to wield liquor as a vehicle for sharing the farm-fresh flavors they’ve been cultivating outside of Bellingham, Wash., for years. Their Raspberry Vodka epitomizes the flavor of that mouthwateringly perfect Northwest raspberry—capturing it in an entirety you won’t believe until you taste.

There are plenty of snobs who snub the world of flavored vodkas—and to be fair, plenty of flavored vodkas worth snubbing. The Raspberry Vodka is something completely different. The aromas? Sun-soaked Northwest summer raspberries, plucked at the peak of ripeness and dusted with powdered sugar. Nothing else. Seem too good to be true? Take a sip. A burst of juicy fresh fruit flavor up front elicits a momentary sense of sweetness before the impeccably balanced apple base takes control of the palate. There’s no burn at the finish, just a yearning for the next summer-smooth sip.