Six Spectacular Ciders to Beat the Heat

by | Jul 11, 2023

After a seemingly never-ending winter, a teasing spring and a frustrating June-uary, summer seems to be finally here to stay. Congratulations, everyone — we made it! Now that we’re here, it’s time for a drink.

Northwest cidermakers continue to push the envelope with new and exciting ways to keep us refreshed and quench our summertime thirst with diverse fruit combinations and dynamic additions that keep us — and our taste buds — guessing.

Here’s to summer with six spectacular ciders, handpicked by Teku Tavern, that are perfect companions for a day at the beach, in the stands at a ballgame or a lazy afternoon in the backyard.

Tropical Cosmic Crisp | 2 Towns Ciderhouse | Corvallis, Oregon

This imperial cider, one of four in 2 Towns’ Cosmic Crisp® series, is cranked up to 11 as the sweetness from the Cosmic Crisp® apples melds with the tropical notes of the added purple passion fruit and hibiscus flowers to create a cider that screams summer from the rooftops.
8% ABV

Mountain Rose | Art + Science | Sheridan, Oregon

A top-shelf offering made with solely biodynamically grown Mountain Rose apples sourced from Mt. Hood Organic Orchards, this cider is bottle fermented with native yeast, accentuating the sharpness of the apples. Notes of fresh watermelon and sour candy provide a clean, slightly acidic (in the best way) finish. 
7.2% ABV

Orange Blossom | Bauman’s Cider | Gervais, Oregon

Who says apples and oranges don’t go together? Bauman’s is bucking conventional wisdom with this cider, adding oranges and a dash of pineapple to bolster the semi-sweet and quenching apple flavors of this offering. The orange creamsicle finish will bring you back to summer days poolside.
6.2% ABV

Big Zesty | Schilling Hard Cider | Portland, Oregon

Schilling’s first foray into the world of lemonade ciders, the tropical notes from added guava juice combines with the lemon’s acidity and the fresh-pressed apple blend to produce a balanced drink that sits perfectly between sweet and tart. Big Zesty is fermented with an exotic wine yeast that doesn’t overpower the bold fruit combination.
6.9% ABV

Hazy Strawberry | Tieton Cider Works | Yakima, Washington

There are few things as classically summer in the Pacific Northwest as hand-picked strawberries, and Tieton’s summer seasonal cider makes great use of them. Pouring a ruby-blush color, this unfiltered cider’s hazy quality adds body and highlights the fruit-forward facets of this summer sipper.
6.9% ABV

Coulee | Yonder Cider Co. | Wenatchee, Washington

Mezcal cocktails from Oaxaca, Mexico, inspire Yonder’s summer seasonal, which benefits from the additions of pineapple, lime and a dash of cardamom. Those tropical and citrus notes bring out hints of coconut, subtle spice and a bit of tannin on the finish. A perfect accompaniment to a hot summer afternoon.
6.9% ABV


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